some times i find its not  helpful  to discuss atheism with believers or trying to convert them
, maybe to keep them working hard in this life , let them live with hoop 
some times im not sure they will be good humans without believing in some God watching them....
like  Nietzsche said:yes there is no god but dont tell the maid ..she willl steal the household :)
trying hard to write good english  :)

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it will be better I promise :) thanks
Saudi? You must be the bravest guy on this site!

There have been a few Muslims who tried to convert me, not as many as Christians. I almost converted back in college. My friends were liberal, Malaysian Muslims who partied, drank beer, etc. However, if I decided to not be a Muslim I could be killed (not by the Malaysian Muslims - they were amazing), but by fanatics.

Like I said, you are very brave. Shakespeare, "To Thine Own Self Be True."
thanks , but i dont think im alone on this in all society's taking such decision will make you lose respect ,or friends sometimes ...but as you said you win your self
thanks i will be there
Heyy, a fellow Saudi Atheist :)it's always nice to see a Saudi here .

i get your point on people needing religion. but i think this comes from long term brainwashing .
people who are told since childhood that God watches over them and counts their deeds will keep on connecting morals to God . so if they loose God , they will loose morals and maybe become lazy . this is the problem with teaching children about religion at such a young age . they grow up to be inspired by Gods presence relating their actions to him. their morals become their idea of God .

ps. i too put my name up here then decided it would be better off to put my initials .jusst incase!




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