YES!!!! Wolf Blitzer asked the wrong person if she thanked the Lord....

what remarkable restraint.  she didn't say anything when Wolf suggested that she and her husband were blessed.  but when he was baiting her to say that her survival was the Lord's doing, she couldn't hold back the truth. 

"i, i, i, i'm actually an atheist"

i don't know about any of you, but i feel like i've been waiting my whole life to hear someone say that to a reporter.  you could tell she was reluctant, but i'm so glad she said it.  it's important for people to know that not everyone turns to mythical beings when tragedy strikes.  better yet, it wasn't another case of someone thanking God for protecting them when other innocents are apparently unworthy of His protection. 

Rebecca Vitsmun is my hero for the day! 

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Saw the clip, no news there. He made a small assumption and she gracefully corrected him. I do it all the time.

can you find me any evidence of a non-activist (or celebrity) being asked a similar question an saying "well, i'm an atheist'?  i can't remember anything like it, but please let me know if there are other examples.  

see my response above.  seems like we're on the same page.  

Please support Rebecca in this unique moment to 1) offset her family's losses, but 2) show the pious that assuming religion is arrogant and rude. And many atheist support her courage with cash. Donate here.




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