Hi all,

I am turning 50 one month from yesterday, and at long last I am embracing my non-beliefs. I have gone through a whole range of religions in my lifetime, and finally I realize - I cannot swallow ANY of them. I just can't, even though some of them promise so much (various flavors of Christianity) and some others are just so much FUN (Paganism/Wicca). So here I am, finally coming to terms with the fact that, when I take the quiz on Beliefnet, I am a secular humanist. And I guess I'm not the only one in the world.

Looking forward to reading more from other like-minded people, glad to be here!

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Hehe, Buddhism. I couldn't give up meat, or respect my mother... But I like the philosophy of it.
Thank you John - Buddhism is one path I never explored very much - so much of my youth was spent having Christianity shoved down my throat. I was always taught it was a sin to even learn about other religions (other than about how wrong they were, that is).

I wonder if anyone here is familiar with Ingersoll's Vow? It's here


Holds a LOT of meaning for me at this point in my life.
My own realization that the world was natural happened around 9 or 10, so the meaning in that realization was kind of submerged in with all the other learning at the time. I did, however, pick up the 12 volume collected works of the good Colonel several years ago, and was amazed at how the same religious claptrap that needed to be smacked down then needs to be smacked down now -- even most of the Colonel's pro-evolution arguments are still fundamentally sound. The theist arguments, of course, remain fundamentally twaddle.

Quite a surprise to see a resident of Whiteland on here! My biological father was postmaster there back in the 80's, and I lived in Franklin while attending Franklin College. Small world.
Wowww it is a small world! I'm not originally from here, though - I grew up in Broad Ripple. I've lived in Johnson County for the past 15 years and as you can well imagine, I don't fit in down here AT ALL.

Nice to "meet" you!
And I guess I'm still figuring this thing out because now when I'm replying I have a different name/user pic? LOL it's still me though :)
Welcome, and congrats on shedding the fake skin. I've been out 15 years or so. Now, I see science offers WAY more fun and practical things...that are REAL.
I'm glad you mentioned science - I am a secret physics geek, haha. Dr. Michio Kaku and Dr. Brian Cox are both amazing physicists - and yes, REAL!
Thank you Sarah!




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