Hello all, I'm Brick and I'm new to the Nexus but not new to Atheism.  I pretty much grew up without any religion and was always able to think for myself, however, I have just recently, past two years started to tell friends and family I am an Atheist due to growing up in the south, mostly South Carolina and northern Florida.  This has resulted in obvious difficulties in relationships, especially with my girlfriend who is a fundamental Christian and was not aware that I was an Atheist until I started taking a more active role in questioning religion.  Who knows if it will last as she has made it clear that she wants children who are Christians and believe in god, but to be honest I am not really that worried about it.  I am sure that in the end if it cannot be then it was never meant.  I look forward to becoming an active member on this site, and to hopefully increase the amount of secular, humanist, and or atheist friends I have which currently stands at about 1 lol.

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Appreciate it, yeah it is a pretty rare name, only other Brick I ever heard of was Brick from Will Ferrell's movie Anchorman, which is hilarious to me

Hey Brick glad to have you aboard. I'm gonna offer you some unsolicited advice. It is obvious that you truly value your atheism, you take pride in it and you want to associate with more people who share this (in my own opinion) very important value. It is also obvious that your girlfriend seriously holds values which are incompatible with atheism. You will either have to choose to be as much of the person you want to be, or seriously compromise your beliefs in favor of hers.


As someone who did end up marrying someone religious, I suggest ending the relationship. The conflict between my wife and I is very hard to live with, not to mention between me and her family, and she has chosen her family and her religion over me many times. Needless to say this has made me very unhappy. Don't make the same mistake. There are plenty of atheist women out there, in fact you may find someone on this site as others have done. Plus your girlfriend may decide that she doesn't want to marry and raise kids with an atheist. It's just a bad idea. I'd be glad to be your friend here regardless of what you decide, but my belief is that you should reorganize your life to suit the values you hold. I think this is very important for anyone to do, and we don't do it often enough. Good luck to you, and sorry if I crossed any kind of line here.

Thanks Wanderer, no you haven't overstepped any boundaries, and I value your opinion seeing as you were in a similar situation, and she has told me she would choose god over me and any subsequent children, which I find sort of disheartening.  Thanks again, and glad to meet you.
Thanks John, good advice, nice to meet you
Greetings Brick -- hope you enjoy the site.


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