ever heard this or something Similar to it ? you are going to hell for not believing in god your are a sinner. you need to be saved. the list goes on and on and...on. so how do you cope with this slander thrown at you as a atheist? to you laugh it off? or do you get in a deists face? how do you deal cope or process conflict with a christen? do tell!

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Christian: "You atheists are all going to hell."


Atheist: "I can always take comfort in the knowledge that I won't have to be around your dumb ass for eternity."

Christian: "You atheists are all going to hell."


Atheist: "I guess you are going there as well?"


Christian: "What?"


Atheist: "It just wouldn't be hell without you."

ROTFLMFAO!!!!!  Abso-fraggin'-lutely PERFECT!

"process conflict" I like. great phrase. very succinct.
Gotta look em' straight in the eye, face and know wether to step (dip) or not..

I've had some crazy guy step to me and mine at the salavatin army once for no reason other than he did not like skateboarders w/kids in tattoos from what I noticed... craaaazy

told em "sorry pal I don't know you.." huge white guy blue eyed creep w/wooden cross in 80's model boxy car no tint. look out!

I usually say "If I don't believe in God or Heaven, why would I believe in Hell?  Much less fear it?  But thank you for the idle threat."  Usually followed by shit-eating grin.
I'm in the same boat.  I'm not sure how I would react.  All of the conversations that I have had have been civil.  I tend to avoid the conversation if I think it will be otherwise.

fuck you with your religion and your god,i dont know if U know,but this site is JUST for atheists,so you need to respect our opinion , i dont make an account in your community of christians just to annoy you,so please stop trying to convert us in our own site ,thank you and i'm sorry what i told to you before,i were angry

dude what the fuck in fucks sake? read please the whole thread before having a knee-jerk reaction. like this. one. im not a dude two im a atheist.l see my pic? that is not a guy! read the tread im not a christen. god some peoples children
I think leonardo needs a hug he seems stressed.lol

The following response is not original with me; I don't recall where I heard it: 

"I know Hell is hot, but is it humid?  I can stand a dry heat."

Awww  someone corrected the spelling mistake in the title.  My joke doesn't make sense now!  ;)
I think the best response is one that shows you are a calm, rational, gracious human being—even if insults are added to the threat, e.g., “Thank you for your concern, but I disagree with you. I see no evidence for the existence of Hell.”



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