ever heard this or something Similar to it ? you are going to hell for not believing in god your are a sinner. you need to be saved. the list goes on and on and...on. so how do you cope with this slander thrown at you as a atheist? to you laugh it off? or do you get in a deists face? how do you deal cope or process conflict with a christen? do tell!

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"and you are going to flagolond where you will be scklabbed for treeemernity.  See?  I can say nonsense too!"

-religious people are idiots.  God is imaginary.

i gota text from someone i'm seein' n' she goes something like
"you're a good person so just because you don't believe you won't go to hell
cuz yer a good person..."

hey, more strikes to a lover; greaaaat
separating people down to the man woman relationship I tell ya...
that über bs faith n' 'values' crap... how valuable is it to lie?
it's like the atheists are suddenly cops and gotta look over their shoulders on a beat...

hey I'm jus spittn' payce!
ah, dunno if I'm already on this thread saying it but
"to win w/o fighting is best" Sun Tzu me thinkx
yet be prepared; always be in shape
especially in the ciiiity ugh hugh...
I cope by just saying well the idea of eternal pain is impossible because cells in the body create the painful sensations so when i die, so does those cells that create pain so how could this idea of eternal pain of misery be possible ?When every part of the body thats creates those types of feelings are dead? the afterlife  is all bullshit!


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