ever heard this or something Similar to it ? you are going to hell for not believing in god your are a sinner. you need to be saved. the list goes on and on and...on. so how do you cope with this slander thrown at you as a atheist? to you laugh it off? or do you get in a deists face? how do you deal cope or process conflict with a christen? do tell!

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i know, it sucks
As a child, it did not make sense, beyond it being an empty threat.
When the first lack of belief or positive claim of disbelief in god/Christianity arose around the age of nine, it set off a spotty recount of hearing that tripe said over and over and over.

As a teen, when it was yelled at me - It was just so puzzling. I always felt like there was something I was missing, which I was. ha ha.
In the case of Christians, they would threaten each other with it too. That confused me quite a bit, but it was so boring and such nonsense and without interest, it laid in that state for many years.

At the core, I suppose you could say I laugh at their threats. I have grown to dislike that I feel a form of pity for them as one would for a battered spouse, invoking their other half's name to smite someone else.

When topics such as the ones we see on here finally took hold of me, then much manifested from these experiences, among others.

What I may do now is simply ask:
What is the difference between existing forever in heaven or hell?
They NEVER understand, not once.

Consider it if you will.
Imagine best as you can with eternity of bliss, then eternity of torture.

How long before experience has reached such a span that all things become realized, all is of that narrow focus. The use of years fails quickly, however, toy with trillions of years of either. Not even addressing the need of MEMORY space, what exactly would bliss or torture be as an experience.

It makes it all meaningless, purposeless and becomes equal to that of nothingness.
If there is an eternal punishment or reward, the duration of eternity as an axiom makes anything and everything rather moot.
What compels us to do and not do things?
Negative and positive stimulus.
Negative stimulus usually is perceived as pain.
Pain can be perceived as suffering.

Positive stimulus usually perceived as pleasure.
Pleasure can be perceived as bliss.

These things only have value when they and the subject are finite or at least the subject has some form of cognition which generates such experience.

Why is the threat of hell supposed to be scary?
The little minds that only think in terms of how we experience things now and project that on this abstract delusion which is of course eternal and a maxim of a stimulus.
I say of course because we can EASILY understand how this is so, beginning with misfires and byproducts of the evolutionary process, which is a set of processes, not a being or mind with intent ;)

This lead me over to ask myself why is the promise of heaven supposed to be so good.
Clearly the same thing applies.

We then have a wonderful realization come about.
The thing that drives them is seeking an absolute, eternity, to never ceasing to exist.

To never cease, especially with their faulty reasoning with the use of a god concept, leads to making everything meaningless and purposeless as it is if all is finite.
They threaten with what then?


They could try to come back with going "AH HA! You think everything is meaningless and purposeless!!"
Which is good, they have opened up dialog to find out what is so darn important about these things.
--Which is explained through evolution BTW

Sure, all is meaningless and purposeless. Yet, we are here.
What is here?
The universe.
Joy and pain..and fun.

What we do here can and does lead to SUFFERING, humans and other life. Life that can demonstratively suffer in terms we know is misery and a thing we tend to avoid, we even may opt to not inflict it on enemies.

Their god has rules and regulations, which in this universe directly causes suffering, they follow this god of pain who promises no eternal suffering for those who makes others suffer, make their own selves suffer and even do a bad number on the ecosystem (or not do anything at all) which houses life.

If overall in an absolute sense there is no meaning or purpose, then what?
If eternal threats and promises are no different in terms of lacking worth, what is the motivation and purpose there?

It is here that heaven must be made and hell is the result when we fail to act or act badly.

Hmmm oh well that is all for that bit.

There are multiple things this reminds me about pondering their little threats and such.
Clearly I will not list them all, and only just a spat of one.

I considered this threat ..seriously so to speak. I ran the god concept from the bible as if it was real, beyond the concept. This being inspired a book that is a religion to live by.
This book represents this god.

Homosexuality is an abomination?
Females are lesser?
Seeking knowledge is wrong?
Impregnating a married woman, while you are not the husband is okay...just because your god?
Threats of eternal torture for not believing in something that does not matter.
Threats of eternal torture for believing in something that harms none, other than the One (his feelings?).

The list goes on and on...
Does the "good" or "positive" aspects matter?
If my father molested and abused me everything which way till loose, but, bought me a vehicle...
Does that really matter?

So, I thought about it --
Without hesitation it is clear. I WOULD demand hell. Heaven is a sickening place. It contains what/whom?
This godthing and those who caused suffering HERE.
In fact, based on how I view the Christian god and followers, I must be sent to heaven. It would be an absolute of suffering for me.

Threaten me with hell?
Thank you.

That is all for now.
That's very true.  If someone confronts me with religion in any way, I tell them what I believe (or don't believe) and why.  That's really all that anyone can do.  I also try to keep the conversation as civilized as possible.  It's entirely up to anyone I might be stating my beliefs with to take what they will from it.  People are going to believe what they want, no matter what.

Never been told i was going to burn but for some reson i feel like they think it...... its kinda funny to me how they realy do feel sorry for me. I want to tell them that their fools & act crazy but crazy people never do know that they are. So i dont realy care what they say to me i just tell them their is no god & walk away before the go ape shit & start speaking in toungues.

I alway counteract this argument depending on the person's religion. If a christian says this, I usually say " oh yeah? well you're going to muslim hell you bastard, no 72 virgins for you!".
Now that was a good one, Antonio!  LOL on that one!!!!!!!!

Depending on the content I might respond differently. If the remark is voiced as a concern for my safety without personal insults attached I will kindly thank them for their kindness and move on.


If the remarks is made with personal insults and in anger I can get a bit snappy, I once had a guy tell me that he was happy that I was going to hell because I am an evil sinner. I replied to him that his mom was definitely worth it and asked him if she found the money that I left for her on the dresser. Before he could say anything I smiled to him and walked away, I think he was too shocked to reply anyway.

Usually when they say that "I'll pray for you" I usually respond "I'll be thinking for you".
When they say "your going to hell" I usually say "I'll look forward to seeing you there"...etc...
Mocking them is usually good, or just take the high ground and be polite, that usually has them getting even angrier.
"and you are going to flagolond where you will be scklabbed for treeemernity.  See?  I can say nonsense too!"

-religious people are idiots.  God is imaginary.

i gota text from someone i'm seein' n' she goes something like
"you're a good person so just because you don't believe you won't go to hell
cuz yer a good person..."

hey, more strikes to a lover; greaaaat
separating people down to the man woman relationship I tell ya...
that über bs faith n' 'values' crap... how valuable is it to lie?
it's like the atheists are suddenly cops and gotta look over their shoulders on a beat...

hey I'm jus spittn' payce!
ah, dunno if I'm already on this thread saying it but
"to win w/o fighting is best" Sun Tzu me thinkx
yet be prepared; always be in shape
especially in the ciiiity ugh hugh...
I cope by just saying well the idea of eternal pain is impossible because cells in the body create the painful sensations so when i die, so does those cells that create pain so how could this idea of eternal pain of misery be possible ?When every part of the body thats creates those types of feelings are dead? the afterlife  is all bullshit!




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