It has for  many years perplexed me on how and why people believe fantastical things which completely override logic or common sense.  Superstitions, fears, superiority complexes that lack warrant; all of which I am bombarded with almost regularly. Why do folks cling to vapors of illusion rather than seek and grasp reality?

Not being an educated person, as I dropped out of high school one week into 11th grade,  many observations flutter by my eyes throughout the years.  On the top of my list of most entertaining is when people whose lives are an absolute train wreck, seek to change my ways because I am so wrong in how I live.  What compels a person to go to great lengths of changing another, with great conviction of manner,  into thinking that they have the answer to your own lifes unhappiness:  When they don't even have a grasp on their own and are doing nothing to make an improvement?

Having gone through the cycle of procreation, and raising offspring, the light shed on human behavior is a little clearer to me.  It is amazing how strong the bond between an adult and her offspring is.  While it appears as a tremendous overly simplified statement; until it is experienced first hand it is not easily grasped.  A child will believe anything you tell it.  She will not question or contradict (unless taught to do so) a statement or belief or attitude.  She will take it at face value as truth.  I have to think this is a hardwired behavior that is inherent in all animals of higher “thinking” ability; as the child is geared towards survival, he assumes that the parent is correct in all things to stay alive.

As a human gets older, they firmly cling to those first years of  “training” for survival as “truths”.  To deviate would mean acting in contra survival behavior; an action that would prevent the continuation of the species.  This cannot be, so, despite all things that make sense, one will argue (sometimes to the death, of their person but more likely the other) that their way is the Truth.

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