You can't be an atheist if you haven't read the bible

Someone said on an other site "You can't be an atheist if you haven't read the bible".  How can you disagree with something you know nothing about?

Seems like a good question to discuss.  I've never read the bible.  I know stories from the bible. I've read about the bible.  People have been preaching to me since I was a kid. But, I spent my youth playing, studying and being surrounded by a loving family.  I'll take those experiences over the bible study and church going any day.  I'm still an atheist. 

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I've read the Bible ... Myths and Morality tales. That's all you need to know.

However, I have not read the Iliad though, so maybe those Greek gods are real and Achilles was indestructible.

All Hail Zeus.
What's astounding to me is that, having studied the Bible rather extensively myself, I know more about it in terms of content and history than many of my friends who identify as Christian or Jewish. Which annoys them to no end.
Few things are more vexing and humiliating for a would-be mugger than when you shoot him with his own gun.
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