You can't be an atheist if you haven't read the bible

Someone said on an other site "You can't be an atheist if you haven't read the bible".  How can you disagree with something you know nothing about?

Seems like a good question to discuss.  I've never read the bible.  I know stories from the bible. I've read about the bible.  People have been preaching to me since I was a kid. But, I spent my youth playing, studying and being surrounded by a loving family.  I'll take those experiences over the bible study and church going any day.  I'm still an atheist. 

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I've never read anything from the Bible, however I did read a bit of a children's version when I was eight or nine.

I don't bother with anything I have zero interest in unless I need to study it, and I have no reason to study Bible at the present point.
You can't argue that "atheism" is the default position if you also argue that reading a book is necessary.
Rubbish. If you know Bible and stay Christian- you are deluded and you are immoral. I'd agree with that.
But you don't have to know each and every religion and each and every god through and through to reject the concept. There's about 10000 gods that humans believe in right now. And I'm atheist regarding every single one not knowing anything about the vast majority. The whole concept simply doesn't make sense. The world is exactly as it would be if no deity existed. This makes sense.
Fully agree, I use this weapon a lot!!!
I was agnostic most of my life (had a brief fling with Catholicism as a child- but I can be forgiven for that since I grew up in Poland- it ended with first communion when that magic of experiencing Jesus in my heart did not happen) and at the age of 21, going through a really, really hard time was helped financially by some church folks here in London. I attended their church for a while and they gave me a bible. I pretended to be into their beliefs and read the stuff hoping I will find god shall it exist. Bible was a total eye-opener. Now I challenge my friends' beliefs with their holy book. Slavery, rape, genocide and all the ridiculous inconsistencies.
I'd like to read Koran now to and use it in the same manner.
The Koran is the first five books of the Old Testament. You may already be good. :)
Me personally, i dont believe in the bible evreyone believes in these books but why because there around so long they were obviously written by someone you honest to god (no pun intended) best bet is to look at evreything both in science religion and your own personal experiances and draw your own opinions from them to give you a better understanding of life on a whole. You need to think for yourself you shouldnt believe what someone writes down just because its on paper. I know alot of people who strongly believe in the bibble and church will disagree with my opinions but the one thing evreyone shold start learning to do is to understand the truth even if they dont beleive in it or agree with it
Yea i have to agree if you actually break down the bible the way it should be broken down god isnt really that much of a saint and in fact if the world was run how its portrayed in the bible most christians would shit themselves, for lack of a better phrase
the bible is just old fictional stories thats written by man, that scares people, people get stuck on the afterlife and hell,
it haves 2 characters G?D & DEVIL supernatral fictions, this is old crap and it was terribly written. but they are rewriting the bible to fix it. to change it there way. then you got to read it again. its all horse shit. i read the bible, it dose not make no sence.
Religion is propaganda its just the spreading of ideas people like to believe in the bible and god and the after-life because it makes them cope with the thought of dying more easily.
Exactly. They read the bits their preachers tell them to and think they know what they believe in when they have no idea...
I show my friends some of my favorite bits and encourage them to read the whole thing.
Skimming the replies so far, a lot of people are mentioning one obvious reply, "So, by that logic, you couldn't be a Kaffir (non-Muslim) if you haven't read the Koran. Similarly for all the other religions on the planet, of which there are thousands." I have a different reply. "You can't be a Christian if you haven't read the Bible." Which many have not. I'd challenge then to do as I did, to read through the four gospels, writing down everything Jesus says about what his followers should DO.

I've been an atheist for almost 30 years, it may seem odd that I even HAVE an opinion about what "real" Christianity consists of, and even odder that I would care. But I do; it seems to me that an elementary respect for the man would require that if you are going to claim to be a follower of Jesus, you should at least KNOW what he taught, and make some serious effort to DO the things he told his followers to do. And most do not; modern Christianity does not remotely resemble what Jesus taught, at least as reported in Matthew, Mark, and Luke. See my essay at




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