You have got to be f*^&i#g kidding me! Blame the people for the tornados!


Pat Robertson "Don't blame god because people want to build their homes in tornado alley, or beside the ocean for that matter."

If people had prayed hard enough god would have calmed the storm. Jeebus Christo....people need to blame themselves!

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It was inevitable.  Robertson simply can't seem to keep his yap shut about events such as this.  Apparently, climate change and the sudden increase of violent meteorological activity in the US mean nothing to him, or at least not when he can make a buck off of other people's misery and misfortune.

Honestly, I've had enough of Robertson to the point where I wonder if some manner of group action aimed at him would be worth considering?  I'm thinking of something similar to Everybody Draw Mohammed Day, but in a different vein.  It would have to be some manner of activity which would show off Robertson's utter foolishness on a wide scale and hold him up to the ridicule he deserves.

Anybody?  Ideas welcome!

If, as Pat Robertson claims; god talks to him: Why doesn't he issue weather warnings?

He clearly has advanced dementia.  Can any medical folks back me up on this?

Prayer can't stop tornados, but long-range human activity is increasing their frequency. As Climate Destabilization unfolds, even warmer air and faster jet streams may make Winter tornadoes the new normal in sections of the US.

UPDATE: Tornadoes, Extreme Weather And Climate Change, Revisited

We shouldn't say "Blame the people for the tornados," but "We are responsible, in part."


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