i'll post this to the Videos section as well. 

while the video never explicitly states who to vote for, it is certainly implied.  this is a Catholic organization (Catholics Called to Witness) which no doubt enjoys tax exempt status and is encouraging an entire voting block to vote for a single party.  the party of "values" as the video explains, the party who will give the Church whatever religious liberties they want, the party who is against gay marriage, and the party who is "pro-life".  which party is that again? 

as the video ominously warns, your vote will be recorded "for eternity".  so it is basically suggesting that if you vote Democrat, you will burn in hell.  am i reading to much into that?  i honestly don't think so. 

does anyone know anything about this organization? how are they able to maintain their tax free status (assuming they have one)?  here is the link to their website: 

**update:  they are a 501(c)(3) organization, which is indeed tax-exempt.  per the IRS,  "Section 501(c)(3) organizations are restricted in how much political and legislative (lobbying) activities they may conduct." 

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No, you're not reading too much into the "vote will be recorded for eternity."  What else has religion got other than scare tactics about a fantasy afterlife?  Should their tax exempt status be yanked? Absolutely.  But, we all know that won't happen. And, I blame a good part of that on the Democrats.  Republicans aren't the only ones pandering to the religious to get the vote.  With the GOP, it just happens to be predominantly white churches, or established religions where the majority leadership are white. If the Democrats raised a stink about it (yeah, like they're really going to have the backbone to do what's right!), two things would happen.  One, there would be the phony outraged cry about persecution and denial of religious freedom. Second, the GOP could point their bony fingers at the churches in minority communities that engage in political promotion, but this time for Democrats.  Now, I'm not saying all white churches are Republican and all minority churches are Democrat.  But, the breakdown of political affiliation among people doesn't stop at the church doorstep.

well that's a new one for me.  now, your vote can get you into hell.  oh my!  i guess a lot of Catholics will be going to confession the Sunday after the election.  oh wait, barely any Catholics actually go to confession. 

i look forward to seeing you there! 

Hell is going to be one really cramped place by the time we are through with this shit!

I'll bring the sunscreen.

and marshmallows....

Ohhh boy! Devil's Food S'Mores around the lake of fire. Whoopee!

"Go to heaven for the climate , Hell for the company" - Mark Twain

Mark Twain will apparently be there, heaven sounds pretty dull anyway, gold streets and singing to god all day, that all its got?

i started a petition for this on as well.  please sign it if you can.  thanks.

Signed with pleasure.  It is WAY past time these kinds of religious / political activities were revealed for what they are ... and STOPPED.

thanks Loren.  did you see that ALEC has had a complaint filed with the IRS?

i smell revenue!  tax em all, i say!

ALEC has been showing up in online petitions all over the place, and I've been signing those petitions as fast as they arrive in my inbox.  As for the IRS, I hope they tear ALEC a new one!




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