You know how the religious always pray for victims of natural disasters...

Today there was a massive & devastating earthquake in the capital city of Haiti, Port-Au-Prince. While visiting a news site for information I noticed many of the comments were along the lines of pray for the victims. This being an utterly useless & stupid action, I wondered why there are not more comments along the lines of send aid or donate to the Red Cross.

So I thought that along with leaving at least one of those types of comments I would appeal to other rational people to send aid, donate to aid organizations, or go in person to help if they are able & skilled. I sent what I could & I encourage everyone else to do the same. I would especially encourage those who are members of Atheist/Agnostic organizations to get their groups to donate, organize fundraisers or food & blanket drives. At least one group of people will be doing more than muttering a few words & patting themselves on the back for it.

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I went to youtube and found it, posted it to my facebook. The responses I am getting about Pat is restoring my faith in humanity. I thought everyone just liked him no matter what. Not the case apparently, if it looks like a douchebag, talks like a douchebag...
I lot of his humanitarian flights to Africa carried mining equipment for his slave mining interests - Robertson is the slime on the bottom of a snake's scrotum (with apology to the snakes).
Thanks Bill. Know and trust your means of support. And try to get it to them without the addition of having a little 'Jesus' and a pinch of guilt sprinkled on top.
You missed the Scientologist who sent a plane with 80 "councilors." But in fairness, they also sent 50 Haitian/American doctors along with the loons.
I tend to completely forget about the religious or non-religious affiliations of organizations when it comes to aid. For me, strip away all that crap and we're basically just human. If the Red Cross, Salvation Army, Operation USA, or even Direct Relief International have religious ties but still manage to get clothing, food, water, medicines, etc. to those people, then I'll donate. What it boils down to is help and not religion in times like these.
The problem with some charities is that they aren't just giving out aid without an agenda. Take the Salvation Army, for instance. The SA is rabidly anti-queer.
Speaking of which, I just saw this on the main page and me mum is listening to the news and one comment the newswoman asked someone she was interviewing about the earthquake in Haiti
"How do the Haitian people keep their faith"
Which sounds like a terrible question if you ask me.
What do you say to that?
"They pray and ...stuff..."
There's a list of Certified Non-Lunatic Secular Charities in the Atheist Do Gooders group here on the Nexus. As I remember, I dropped a couple of links that rate various charitable organizations. Quite a few people suggested secular organizations.
There are several others aid groups in Haiti, Yele Haiti & Partners in Health have both been there for years providing healthcare, education, & aid. Neither have any religious leaning.
Thanks! I'll add them to the list.
How prayer helps
Haha, I like that one.


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