You know how the religious always pray for victims of natural disasters...

Today there was a massive & devastating earthquake in the capital city of Haiti, Port-Au-Prince. While visiting a news site for information I noticed many of the comments were along the lines of pray for the victims. This being an utterly useless & stupid action, I wondered why there are not more comments along the lines of send aid or donate to the Red Cross.

So I thought that along with leaving at least one of those types of comments I would appeal to other rational people to send aid, donate to aid organizations, or go in person to help if they are able & skilled. I sent what I could & I encourage everyone else to do the same. I would especially encourage those who are members of Atheist/Agnostic organizations to get their groups to donate, organize fundraisers or food & blanket drives. At least one group of people will be doing more than muttering a few words & patting themselves on the back for it.

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Teach a man to fish and he will spend all day in a boat drinking beer.
I'll drink to that!
Me too! (But only microbrew or import)
That is awesome! I want to put that on the windshields of all the cars in church parking lots on Sunday morning. (I might be irritated enough to do it too, so if you don't hear from me Sunday night please start raising bail money.)
Fold it twice and on the outside note, "Best way to help Haiti earthquake victims". That would throw a wrench in their precious quick and easy world.
This doesn't help the immediate need but will help later on down the road: You can pick to plant a tree specifically in Haiti. They need 50,000 and have planted nearly 15,000 so far.
From BEFORE the earthquake ...

That's sad.
Earthquake in Haiti: Cuba responds

The Common Dreams web site reported on a media survey showing only two U.S. mainstream news stories on Cuban assistance in Haiti. The story put out by Fox News stated that Cuba had not offered aid. The Christian Science Monitor reported on the Cuban doctors' arrival there, citing former U.S. Defense Department official Lawrence Korb's view on the Cuban doctors that the United States "should see about flying them in."
Bill, if I had known this article was from a website affiliated with the Communist Party (CP) I would not have posted it. I got the article from a facebook friend who posted it on his wall.
It's a good idea to check around before donating money to Haitian earthquake relief. I just found this article on Yele, Wyclef Jean's organization. Evidently Jean has been dipping into the charity's coffers, and it appears, not just to have his expenses reimbursed.

There's a link on the Atheist Nexus homepage to Non-Believers Giving Aid.
Haiti was the first and only successful slave revolt. When the French were thrown out the "civilized" (and slave holding) world embargoed the country (can't have those uppity coloreds upsetting the natural order of things). Those actions doomed a largely illiterate populous (not their choice) to poverty and despair.
The US was part of that "civliized world".




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