You know how the religious always pray for victims of natural disasters...

Today there was a massive & devastating earthquake in the capital city of Haiti, Port-Au-Prince. While visiting a news site for information I noticed many of the comments were along the lines of pray for the victims. This being an utterly useless & stupid action, I wondered why there are not more comments along the lines of send aid or donate to the Red Cross.

So I thought that along with leaving at least one of those types of comments I would appeal to other rational people to send aid, donate to aid organizations, or go in person to help if they are able & skilled. I sent what I could & I encourage everyone else to do the same. I would especially encourage those who are members of Atheist/Agnostic organizations to get their groups to donate, organize fundraisers or food & blanket drives. At least one group of people will be doing more than muttering a few words & patting themselves on the back for it.

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Here is how some can help - this is from Twitter and was started by Robert Scoble:

I'm donating $100 to @redcross to help with efforts in Haiti. How about you? Follow
That was awesome of you Renee. A $100 will go a long way to help.

The odd thing is that the picture above surfaced online on Jan 8, a few days before the earthquake:
That image has been around a lot longer than that.
I feel so guilty laughing at this picture.


My father was born and raised in Port-au-Prince. Thank you for this.

Interestingly, I have found that, among my actual friends who claim a belief in god, many have been on FaceBook urging Red Cross and other donations - just to be fair.

Meanwhile, I was listening to NPR where a Haitian commentator was observing that many of the inhabitants see this as a 'punishment' for their behavior. WTF!!!

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere. It has been ravaged by AIDs. Until very recently, it suffered decades of the worst kind of corrupt, thug government. Corruption and thuggery are still ubiquitous. Malnutrition is the norm. What was once an island paradise that became the producer of one-sixth of the French economy (slaves, molasses, sugar, rum), is now almost entirely defoliated because people have cut all the wood for fuel. Since there is no wood for building even makeshift homes, and since much rebuilding (if you can call it that) was necessary after a string of recent hurricanes, shelters built of cinder blocks have buried people in rubble, and there is little machinery available to rescue them from beneath it.

So - they are being PUNISHED now. Really? Frankly, it is amazing to me that these people (my people) can possibly still believe in a god of any sort.
Of course they're being punished for their sins. Pat Robertson just said so on TV. Watch the video.
Yeah - just saw it - was gonna post it ...

When did Haiti make a pact with Pat Robertson? Because, if there is a devil, my money is on someone resembling that piece of shit.
He is just F***ing evil. I agree with Mr. Dunn, if there is a devil it's him, that's why he just won't die.

I've seen the satellite photos before the quake, you could see the poverty of Haiti even from space. It is a grim comment on humanity that conditions became that bad for any of our fellow humans.

You're welcome & I realize that many religious individuals are engaged in productive actions, just not the kind who post comments on news websites or the kind that have their own t.v. stations. I wanted to bring the need for aid to the attention of non-theists who may not been informed yet, and take a dig at a segment of the population that truly believes a few mumbled words are as good or better than shelter, food, and clean water.
... if there is a devil it's him, that's why he just won't die.

I have to admit - in my angst and outrage - that ambushed me into a little chuckle.

He inserts the phrase 'true story' ... I only wish the 700 Club meant there were only 700 members or they only had $700 between them. Alas, it is not so.
Did you see the reply from the Haitian Ambassador?

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