Turns out 'ole Frothy may have actually won the Iowa caucus. Which, of course, would have given him a bit more momentum going into New Hampshire. According to the Washington Post, "The Register (Des Moine Iowa newspaper), citing unnamed officials in the Iowa GOP, reported that vote tallies from eight precincts have disappeared and cannot be counted. The certification process showed inaccuracies in 131 other precincts, the Register said, including one precinct where the corrected tally shifted 50 votes from Santorum to Romney." 

There are few reasons for this, which I can readily think of.

1) The outlying Amish precincts didn't have fast enough buggies to get the votes to the State Capitol.

2) Math is not the strong suit for home schooled evangelicals who were doing the counting.

3) The Republican Party was trying out various ideas and methods for suppressing votes and general voting fraud for the coming election in November.

4) All of the above.

In breaking news, former wife of serial adulterer and family values leader, "Lizard Lips" Gingrich, will be seen on ABC news tonight. It is anticipated that she will tell why her former adulterous lover, former husband, former filandering husband, and now ex-husband, is out of touch with reality. In further breaking news, meteorologists explain why the sun appears in the east every morning.

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Also....oceanographers explain why water is wet. But this should be interesting. I thought this interview was tomorrow. :/

lol, yeah, winner.. ok
but do you believe in god?
ah you're second then LOL not



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