So I originally came to the Nexus because I had grown tired of all the pointless arguments I had been having with my old haunts which were a bunch of discussion/debate groups on facebook. At one point I just felt that the terrible arguments had hit critical mass and that the sheer stupidity of it all had lost the comedic appeal that had been sustaining my interest. I quit that old bag and joined you guys and it has been so nice here. I don't really post all that often but I enjoy reading some of the discussions and blogs. I also enjoy freethoughtblogs and the large variety of stuff they offer. What pains me to admit, however, is that I am starting to miss the old days when I would actually debate silly crap with the "other". All the wasted hours trying to correct flawed evolution concepts to a guy only to have him tell me that he doesn't even believe it's real in the first place. All the times I had to actually argue whether ghosts existed or not. All the times I got to talk shit about jesus and have people actually be offended at me... I miss the insanity.  Like a crazy ex that you go back to just because life is boring without them.

Can anybody suggest sites, besides facebook because I still dont really want to go back there, where I might find this kind of silly debate again? Anything is much appreciated 

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I can't tell from your post if you used to hang out at Atheistic facebook pages or if you're an accomplished troll (the good kind in my book). I don't know if you're looking for intellectual atheistic discussions or if you prefer to bait the local populations.

If it's the latter, maybe you should head on over to the Glenn Beck website (, where they have the Faith forum. There's a whole 'nother kind of stupid out there. Bring a big hammer though, the rocks are really hard.

I might be selling the groups short. There was a fair amount of fun discussion that went on as well. I had arguments about everything from evolution to Dragonball and back. I had discussions with atheists, Hindus, Christians, Muslims and more. We dealt with presuppositionalism, cosmoligical arguments, "kitchen arguments" [look at all the pretty flowers etc]. I enjoyed it up to a point. Then it just started being all about posting preachy walls of text and not defending any claims you make in actual argument. People started doing hit-and-run posts and it ended up looking like a bunch of nuts screaming doctrine at each other. I got tired of that crap and left. Thanks for the suggestion, though. I will check it out

It sounds as if you've hit the wall of rational discourse. You know you're there once you get to the point where everything you're being told might just as well have been made up.


I have to apologize though regarding the website I mentioned. I should have said you'll need a sledgehammer. The rocks are reeeeeeaaaaalllllllyyyyyy hard. Actually, it may not be for you, unless you're looking to get an idea of just what proud, ignorant obstinancy looks like. You'll see many examples of herd instinct in the wildlife as well.

There are a couple atheist forums where they allow the religiously inclined to register, debate, and post. is one that I've looked through on occasion. Also you might want to check reddit. I seems like the crazy could be easily located there.

Follow up: just found this on reddit




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