Truth: I do sort of hate the God presented by the Abrahamic religions. How could you not? I think the key for those of us who realize he just doesn't exist is to take that realization to heart and stop blaming things on this nonexistent being, and it's not that easy.

I think theists hurl this accusation because deep down they realize that hate is the natural emotion to feel toward their imaginary God, if he is assumed to be real. Deep down they hate him too, but they are afraid to admit it, so they attribute the emotion to others. Atheists are naturally somewhat ashamed to admit to this thoroughly healthy revulsion toward Old Nobodaddy, because they feel that by doing so they are admitting that their atheism is emotionally driven. Perhaps so, but these are honest, healthy emotions. Let's own them.


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In a word ... NO. Maybe this sounds parochial (Hmph ... parochial atheism???), but I'm not down with hating something that doesn't exist.

Now the people who promulgate this BS, who stuff it down kids' throats, who make the hard sell on the snake oil, who attempt to superimpose their non-existent god on the whole of civilization ... if they're not worthy of hate, then serious derision at the least!

I think the reason theists hurl the accusation is that they cannot accept that a rational, normal person, doesn't believe in the existence of their god. He/she/it/whatever MUST exist, HAS TO exist, and therefore DOES EXIST. Ergo, anyone who rejects the idea must hate it, because a normal person certainly cannot NOT believe in god.

I don't know if it is necessarily true that atheists hate god. I do believe that atheists hate the mere idea of god. That there has been numerous atrocities acted out in the name of god, that people use god to put fear into people, especially their own children. Mostly, I think that atheists hate what "god" has done to people and what he has turned people into. So, for me, the answer is no. I agree with what Loren said, I can't hate a god that doesn't exist.

When I know that god and religion have been ancient man's creation, I do not find reasons to hate them. The ancient man, who developed these ideas for others to believe and follow,had limited knowledge and couldn't have done better. What can be disliked is that we continue to believe those outdated ideas, assume them to be true and insist that everybody should accept them.

I always preferred the coined reply that "I hate god for the same reason I hate Darth Vader."

rather be a god hater
than a people/person hater. nah mean!?
we have youtube to settle our differences now LOL

Firstly, I can't hate something that doesn't exist. But a belief is a belief. It is private and should stay that way. Although, I will never understand how a free thinking intelligent person can believe in a god, I will defend their right to do so. 

What I can't stand is organized religion. With all the hatred, bigotry, and wars that come with it. 

Aye, I have no quarrel with the individual believers and I most definitely do not hate them or their deity, but organized religion is so adept at building walls between people that I actively dislike it.

From age 10 to 12, I hated god.  I was reading the bible on my own.  I was shocked and appalled by the violence, cruelty, and gross injustice he performed, ordered, and approved.  I went from a passionately, lovingly, devoted little Roman Catholic, to hating god.  Then, I thought to myself, "Why waste so much passion and energy hating someone who I have absolutely no reason to believe exists?"  I realized that I really didn't believe any of it.  I was an atheist!

i am an atheist but not a god hater

i respect all religions

but i don't believe in supernatural stuff

I'm pretty outspoken about my lack of belief in god(s). I've recently found, much to my pleasant surprise, that others I know and associate with are starting to come out of the closet also and express their disbelief also. I would go a little further than booklover.  I don't respect any religions.  However, I try not to show disrespect toward any individual members of a religion.  Unless of course they do that to me based upon my lack of beliefs.  Then, all bets are off.

Since I don't believe god exists hating him is like hating Santa Clause however I do hate religion because it promotes fear, ignorance, bigotry, misogyny, rape, murder and hatred all in the name of the religion's god.




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