"You're not so bad for a friend, but there's no reason that your genetic material should propagate itself into the future." - the most brutal description of the friend zone I've ever heard

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5w02L2ruN4 Dr. Jordan Peterson on the impact of females choosing high-status m...

no one managed to describe the friend zone as Professor Jorden Peterson
any thoughts?

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Just more male privilege.  Just because he thinks he is entitled to sex with a certain female doesn't mean he is actually entitled to it.  That is all the friend zone is.

Sadly your SJW theory is not valid as a real debate. The world is more complex than what you just presented as a reason.

Your comment says A  LOT more about  your privilege then it does about me simplifying things.  Seriously it is asshats who developed the term "friend zone" because they can't accept that women might have the gall to be friends with a male.  The fact that you think I am spouting an SJW theory shows you are EXACTLY that type of person.

The idea of the "man box", circumscribing behaviors and emotions that boys and men are supposed to conform to, is very relevant here. There's a lot about that at "Men who challenge men to stop violence".

Dominator Culture (or any kind of patriarchy) simply doesn't see women and men as equals who can be friends.

From Tony Porter's powerful TED talk, where he describes how he himself hurt people because of the "man box":

"...This is the love of my life, my daughter Jay. The world I envision for her -- how do I want men to be acting and behaving? I need you on board. I need you with me. I need you working with me and me working with you on how we raise our sons and teach them to be men -- that it's okay to not be dominating, that it's okay to have feelings and emotions, that it's okay to promote equality, that it's okay to have women who are just friends and that's it, that it's okay to be whole, that my liberation as a man is tied to your liberation as a woman."

(Disparagement of people fighting for social justice -- "SJW" as a putdown -- is also related to Helen Lewis's observation: "As I've just told @alicetiara, the comments on any article about feminism justify feminism. That is Lewis's Law.")

than*. it is interesting that most native English speakers confuse

"than" and "then" but not those who learn it as a second language like me.

Sorry but Male Privileges are just made up thing to keep people on their toes. so don't let these things ruin your life and have a nice day 

only listened with one ear...but i think he is wrong about female chimps mating with any males...i know females are sometimes dragged away from the troop and raped...i also think that males compete with other males for the right to mate with females in estrus.

I also see no basis for his claim that the cause of the divergence from our common ancestors is strictly sexual selection. In fact that makes no sense. Sexual selection is not the only pressure faced by animals. What evidence does he adduce for that bald assertion?

The idea that women contemplate the social and economic status of a male in deciding with whom to reproduce is old hat. 


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