This lady is so ridiculous! The Christmas part is the best.  Poor kid.



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THAT IS GOLD. I just wanted to pop through the screen and slap her. Thank goodness my parents are tolerant or we'd be in constant warfare.
I subscribed and liked this video to show my encouragement for his coming out.  I also left a message telling him about Atheist Nexus.
All support is greatly appreciated.  If each of us does a little, together we do a lot. :)
Poor boy, Santa isn't going to bring his gifts this year. XD
That wOmen is INSANE!

In Germany, baby Jesus brings presents on xmas eve (on his way to his birth?) and Santa comes on Dec 6 with his mean friend Krampus that'll kick your a$# if you were naughty. Nowadays the funnest thing everyone tries to do is get drunk and slightly beaten by someone dressed as Krampus. 


This video would be simply hilarious if it was satire. My money is on the mom either becoming an atheist too or going even crazier in old age.

That's sad.

This is by far the best explenation I have heard to explain this ladies actions after finding out her son is an Atheist.

That was a cool explanation. I'm going to have to watch more of that guy's videos.

I hate that kids have to deal with this kind of abuse.  It makes me sad.
I've seen this video floating around the Internet for years, though I have yet to hear of any follow up.


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