KNOWLEDGE of the Bible is in decline in Britain, with fewer than one in 20 people able to name all Ten Commandments and youngsters viewing the Christian holy book as "old fashioned", a survey said today.
Forty per cent did not know that the tradition of exchanging Christmas presents originated from the story of the Wise Men bringing gifts for the infant Jesus, while 60 per cent could not name anything about the Good Samaritan, the Durham University study found.

Youngsters were particularly disillusioned, telling researchers that the Bible was "old fashioned", "irrelevant" and for "Dot Cottons" - a reference to the church-going EastEnders' character, the National Biblical Literacy Survey 2009 showed.

"It is the first recognition of something which we all knew in our gut. We knew it was there but we weren't exactly willing to face up to it," said Rev Brian D. Brown, a visiting fellow at St.John's College in Durham University.

One respondent to the survey said David and Goliath was the name of a ship while another thought Daniel, who survived being thrown into the lions' den, was "The Lion King".
Rev Brown said the survey showed the need to push for greater religious education among young people as knowledge of the Bible among the under-45 age group was in decline.

"We have got to recognise that it (the Bible) is the foundation of our society, upon which our whole culture has been based," he said.

"To understand it and to live in it you do need an understanding of the Bible."

Atheists, however, were not unduly worried about the decline in the Bible's popularity.

"It shows really that religion is becoming less important to people," said Pepper Harow, campaigns officer at the British Humanist Association.

"The fact that people have little knowledge of the Bible perhaps suggests that it's becoming less and less relevant to people in the 21st century," she said.

Despite the lack of enthusiasm about the Bible among the 900 respondents, three-quarters said they owned one and almost a third said it was significant in their lives.,27574,25768344-23109,00.html

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Has anyone seen those New Testament "magazines" marketed to teenagers? They're crazy--it's like a chaste version of Seventeen mixed with the Gospel of John. They have different versions for girls and boys; I had one when I was younger. I have a feeling these will become more popular as the church tries to make Christianity more fashionable for the youth.
Its really a patheticaly transparent attempt. It would leave the church with more dignity if they didn't publish such rubbish.
"We have got to recognise that it (the Bible) is the foundation of our society, upon which our whole culture has been based,"

Terrible book to base a society on.
Yes it is a terrible book to base a society on.
The only thing the bible is good for is lining the bottom of a bird cage.
Two things:
First, the reporter is wrong when he says gift giving started with the 3 wise men; it's from the pagans exchanging exchanging food and celebrating having survived the winter.

Second, people aren't reading in general, why should the bible be any different?




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