Events of the past year have thrown the Catholic Church, its leaders, its philosophy, its politics, and its followers, into an increasingly unflattering light.  As I read news reports, with their attempts to scapegoat the traditional homosexual culprits, their attempts to paint their accusers with the "antisemitic" brush (a truly hypocritical stance, given centuries of Catholic antisemitism), their attempts to claim that press reports are simple "gossip", rather than shining the light of day on their pederastic proclivities and what, anywhere else, would be called conspiracy and racketeering,  I can't help but feel joy.


Of course, this is the definition of schadenfreude.  It's the pleasure that comes from the misfortune of others.  As an atheist who regards himself as humanistic, compassionate, and rational, schadenfreude might not be the most productive or realistic response.  But still, I feel it.


I know, as certain as I know the sun will come up tomorrow, the recent troubles will not mean the end of the malignant Catholic influence over tens of millions of people.  If these people could think logically, they would already know that the "one true church" of "love" would not have supported kidnapping and taking in war, of slaves, to be kept under the yoke in inhumane oppression.  The Catholic church would not have supported, over and over and over again, rounding up and murdering Jews, throughout history in Europe, pogroms and inquisitions, not excluding Catholic silence regarding the Holocaust.  They would know that the horrendous tortures, enacted by the Church and its representatives, are closer to Satanic than holy.  They would know that the Catholic Church, which did not speak out against regimes of abuse and kleptocracy in South America, Haiti, Phillipines, and other countries, does not show love for the poor. 


That the Catholic Church is the worldwide "Man-Boy Love" institution can't come as any suprise to Catholics.  Religious catholics are used to lying to themselves, and giving their "Morality" over to men who claim to hold moral and intellectual superiority over them.


So while I really don't beleive that current events will cleanse the stained glass of the grime and suet  from hundreds of years of candle burning, and let the sunlight of reason shine into the cathedrals, I take no small pleasure from the fact that, for a while, the self-deceiving bigots who run and support the Catholic church, are squirming a bit in their pews this Easter Sunday morning, - not just because that altar boy has such a sweet voice, but because they've been caught thinking about it and acting on it.  And maybe, just maybe, a few Catholics will be hit over the head by a 2X4 epiphany of "oh - the Chuch says one thing, and does another" and cease their self deception.


That's my 2 cents on Easter Sunday morning.



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Schadenfreude - is that what this warm, tingly glow is? I wondered.
Yeah, that's how one feels when one's nastiest adversary mistakes a turd for a fart and drops a load in his/her pants!
This is an excellent post Daniel, but one not suitable for "Introductions". I will leave it to you where you'd like to put it.
Heh. No problem. I reckoned you already had a specific place you'd like to stick it.
Ah Schadenfruede! (I love this word!)
It is indeed sweet! while it lasts
Unfortunately it only serves to remind me how many people continue to be victimized by this grotesque death cult! sigh!
That's certainly not tripe!




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