I have a cousin in Los Angeles.  When I lost my job due to Katrina, I went to Los Angeles supposedly for a couple of weeks.  My cousin have a couple of nurses caring for her disabled grandson.  One nurse, tried to make it her life mission to convert me to xtianity.  I flat out told her that I was not a xtian and for her to respect my beliefs.


Xtians do not know the meaning of the word respect.  Laverne tried to have her bible studies, she tried to get me to believe in christ as my savior.  So I made a deal with her, I will become a hypocritical full of sh*t xtian if you can answer this question for me.  She said ok.


In the KJV of the bible, who is Jesus daddy?  She said, G'd of course.  I told her wrong.  I told her that Gabriel came into mary and said, in other words, he ejaculated inside of Mary and told her what was going on.  I'll let you slide on that question, now, next question.


Please explain to me why the church never said that Jesus Christ is a illegitimate bastard born out of wedlock?


She said that Jesus was born in wedlock.  Again, I said wrong.  Mary and Joseph was betrothed and betrothed means engaged.


Her reply:  You are so arrogant and selfish and I said, you are a hypocrite, greedy, ignorant, ignant, xtian prideful and full of $h*t.

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I was also called the anti-christ.

that's a badge of honor coming from a bat shit insane fundamentalist as this lady, wear it with pride!

Good for you Regina.  I wish people would learn to live and let live, but so many christians can't tolerate that not everyone agrees with them.  It's like they are so insecure in their religion, that having someone around who is happy not to believe is a threat. 


Your loony "friend" should accept you as you are.  If she doesn't, then she is not respecting you as a person.  The fact that she doesn't know her own religion is further evidence that she is not very bright, and arguing with her probably wont help either.

This loon was never my friend.  She was the nurse to my cousin's grandson.

"illegitimate bastard born out of wedlock?"


 You might have also mentioned that Mary did not invite god/the holy ghost 'into her bedroom'. The act was not consensual. That makes it rape, doesn't it?

Worse, according to my research, the supposed age of Mary when she gave birth was between 14 and 17.

This suggests 'statutory rape' because god had sexual relations with a minor. Wouldn't that make god a kind of cosmic paedophile? ;)

Hey, I'm covering all angles.




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