I'm somewhat surprised I didn't see this on A|N earlier.  I heard about it while listening to NPR's comedy new quiz, Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me. Which, has obviously given comedians new material. Nevertheless, here goes.

The Catholic Church has a long history of granting "indulgences" to its adherents. However, just like spiritual mo-jo, it's not always free. In the past, if one "shared" a large part of his wealth, one could obtain a "get out of purgatory free" card from the church. For those of you who are not Catholic, purgatory is the spiritual realm where souls go to purge themselves of venial sins which, upon purification, you get to go to the Magic Kingdom. And no, purgatory is not a suburb of Orlando, Florida.  If one wasn't connected in the church, well tough luck. You'll do you entire stretch in purgatory. In fact, the building of St. Peter's Basillica at the Vatican was funded mainly by the sale of indulgences.  Medieval nonsense, to say the least.

Well, that nonsense has now made it all the way to current world of instant technology. One of the reasons Pope Frank is Brazil is for World Youth Day.  The summer camp where all the good young Catholics get to be indoctrinated into the 1,000+ year tradition of medieval mumbo-jumbo.

Now, for those kids who can't make it there, because their parents gave their money to local parish and they're starving, or are recuperating in a mental hospital after a vicious gang rape by the clergy, there's good news.  Follow the Pope on Twitter, and you too can have years shaved off of your stay at the Catholic version of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles Waiting room.  For those of you who are morbidly curious (and secretly want that "get out of purgatory free" card, check him out here.

To be honest, I didn't know whether to post this here, or in the Humor section, as it so absolutely ludicrous.

Article here.

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Well, in my opinion, this discussion belongs in the Humor section for the same reason that the bible should be shelved in the Fiction section of libraries and bookstores.

I do have to admit that it's both rather fascinating, in a weird way, and comical to watch the Catholic church embrace new technologies supposedly to their benefit. 

Medieval superstition meets modern technology. One has to wonder, with all of our radio signals going into the nether regions of interstellar space, what an advanced civilization will think of us.

That won't work.  God will ultimately know that you're trying to game the system.  I wouldn't want to push my luck and piss him off any more than he already is. 

FA, I think I'm going with Matthew T on this one. You're already gaming the system by getting the Twitter feed. Now, you're just trying to get double coupons.

Kind of like correcting the typos in my original post? I typed it over the lunch hour, in between going to two different county court houses.




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