Unreported World: Tobacco's Child Workers

I have just watched this documentary on British Channel4, and was so moved I simply had to share it on Nexus. Please, please, please find the 24minutes to watch it and tell your friends.

We all know how harmful tobacco is but do we actually think where it comes from? Estimated 78,000 children in Malawi work on tobacco estates, often for long hours, low pay, and without protective clothing. Working with tobacco can lead to GTS or Green Tobacco Sickness. For children, the symptoms of nicotine poisoning, severe headaches, abdominal pain, muscle weakness, coughing and breathlessness are more pronounced because of their size. Child laborers absorb up to 54 milligrams of dissolved nicotine, which is comparable to smoking 50 cigarettes per day...

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can't watch it outside the UK ... very frustrating for us expats
Try YouTube.




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