Mine was in 1972 with about forty people from all over the US of A. We were hiking in Arizona's Organ Pipe National Desert and brought in the new year four times:

at 9 pm with the East Coast folk,

at 10 pm with the Midwest folk,

at 11 pm with the Great Plains folk, and

at 12 am with the West Coast folk.

We finished off the last of the booze soon after 10 pm but didn't slow down at all.


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mine was yesterday, with the woman i love, doing the ork i enjoy and talking with my family. don't look back, something might be gaining on you.

I've got the flu so yesterday I'm in bed by 8 PM, in and out of sleep, with my specialty TV device tuned to BBC Four. The programming is documentaries on The Bakersfield Sound, Abba, and some group that was greater than the Carpenters. (Later I found out that it was the Carpenters in concert on the BBC in 1971.)

Finally at 11:45 I was going to watch the world cams and see them drop the ball in Times Square. With the time difference I've probably missed it. Who cares? I turned everything off and went to bed for good.

Anyway, Happy New Year Tom.




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