What books do you Atheists worship? (I need suggestions here. Selfish person coming through!)

Name favorite titles, even if they aren't really Atheist books. Read a great book on Evolution? A book that explains the science of homosexuality? A picture book of undersea creatures? A biography of Penn? A cookbook that includes flying spaghetti monster supreme? Or a beautiful fiction about Princess Sprinkles in the enchanted forest?

Okay, so I went overboard with the suggestions, but lets go for variety and the reasons you love them. Personally, I'd especially be interested in religious/psychology stuff. ...And maybe a picture book.

To start off, I really love The Scarlet Letter. ...Everyone else in my class hated it. Interestingly, even though it's fiction, it still offers a lot of information and combats Puritan ideals... a great perspective and beautiful story to boot.

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Actually there are several scriptures, in the traditional sense, that are intelectually very satisfying for atheists. I can think of

. The Heart Sutra (Buddhist, a contemplation on emptiness)
. The Meta Sutta (Buddhist, a contemplation on compassion)
. Ecclesiastes (from the Bible, the authors were agnostic)

In fact, Ecclesiastes speaks of how it is 'vanity of vanities' to be ostentatious about knowledge that we don't have, particularly regarding the afterlife, about how we should live in the present moment and enjoy life, and other very lucid ideas that could be labeled agnostic or atheistic.
This is not a sacred text, it's a popular song, but I think the lyrics deserve to be considered sacred text. In fact, they're very moving.

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too

Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

- John Lennon
This is clearly describing a godless, tryrannical NWO superstate. ;-)
Still sound good to me.

Rather be a dreamer than engage in unfair and unwise killlings as we have been since Bush started fighting in the wrong country.
Lennon left so much undone but this one is one of my favorite and the lyrics are on a mural at the public school down from my street (minus the god line) on Ft Hamilton Pkwy
Learned Optimism, by Martin E P Seligman, shows a great way to face the future, first recommended to me by the Church of Spiritual Humanism, after 9/11/01. Losing my brother and seeing my city wrecked almost made me give up my Humanism but the book helped restore my respect for human nature and working towards our best selves.

Atheists can't lookout side themselves for anything that they don't already have inside.

There are two books I hold in high esteem, near enough to worship. They are Dune by Frank Herbert and Gravity's Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon. I find both of them entertaining and informative. They are especially relevant when considering politics.
I mostly read fiction and fantasy, so i was gonna say Dune<3 like Joseph said, and i like the Eragon books, some of Tom Clancy's work and a bunch of other stuff i don't feel like typing/remembering.

oh and some of my female friends said that "You Slay Me" was a good book but that it wasnt fitting for guys, i tend to agree that it doesnt fit for guys since i actually read the first book, but that shouldn't be a problem for you now should it... i also didnt quite like the writing style of the author but that's my opinion. :D
Breakfast of Champions, Hunter Gracchus, The Metamorphosis, 1984 oh man you know what there are too many to name.
New here, haven't read all the replies.

My pick would be anything by Mark Twain. Here's an author so covertly anti-religion, I get amused when I see a Fundie talk about his stories.

If I were to pick one of his writings, I'd have to say "Report from Paradise"

Captain Stormfield, the main character, dies and goes to Heaven. A few paraphrases:

Peter (at the gates): Where are you from?
Stormfield: From the world.
Peter: Which one, there are BILLIONS! You're wasting my time. Next.

(Then a blue man with seven heads and one leg hops into line.

Later Stormfield explains to Peter that he is from "Earth". Peter is confused and finally realizes where Stormfield is referring. "Oh, we call that The Wart."

Definitely worth the read if you can find it. It's short and easy to read in an evening.
Lucy - The beginnings of humankind. Johanson & Edey. Sort of puts on in ones place.




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