Thanx for your posts on that thread. They pretty much mirrored what I had to say, only you did it better than I probably could have.. I have found that in general libertarians to be way more tolerant of atheists, than atheists are of libertarians. I donot know about you but I find it odd how so many atheists are such avowed statists and almost invariably fail to see any contradictions or seeing how one consists of magical thinking but not t other.

Also, not that they are t only or even t best libertarian atheist sites on t interweb but recently I discovered Stephan Moleneu @ I was wondering if you were aware of it. Also, while it is not a terribly active site, I often go to run by an "mdr". You might like that as well.

I imagine I'll be seeing you around.

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Crap. Sorry for wasting everyones attention w this thread and post. I was attempting to mearly put this on someone's private page, and I am so computer illiterate that I unintentionally made an entire new thread out of it apparently. I would have, at least, attempted to erase t entire thing, but I am at work and occasionaly my co-workers have enuf unmitigated temerity to expect me to focus on actual work occasionaly, so everyone else is forced to be delayed in receiving all this massive wisdom I have to impart on everyone.




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