So much for church-state separation: US government to pay pastors’ ...

... part of the $2 trillion federal relief package: a provision that makes it possible for some of that relief money to be directed toward religious institutions, ...

... churches and other faith-based organizations have been designated within the legislation as “businesses,” making them eligible to receive a portion of the $350 billion dedicated to helping small businesses weather tough economic times. Those are taxpayer dollars, folks, going to help faith-based organizations pay their pastors and utility bills.

“Faith-based organizations are eligible to receive SBA loans regardless of whether they provide secular social services,” the SBA said in a statement. “No otherwise eligible organization will be disqualified from receiving a loan because of the religious nature, religious identity, or religious speech of the organization.”

This seems a pretty clear-cut flouting of the Constitution.

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That relief will be just fine once churches pay taxes like other "otherwise eligible organizations"!

Reminder: not only are churches tax-exempt, but they don't have to follow the same accountability standards (public Form 990s) as other tax-exempt nonprofits!




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