It's becoming increasingly clear, that many people need to get their heads out of their asses when it comes to the younger generations. I can't make any rational decision without getting this line:

I am an atheist/non-theist. = Oh you're young, you'll grow out of it.

I like and would prefer to remain childfree. = Oh you're young, you'll grow out of it.

I like illegal substances, but don't smoke or drink. = Oh you're young, you'll grow out of it.

Can't a person be young AND intelligent anymore? Yes...I'm young (according to you)..thank you for pointing that out to me. Not only is it dismissive, offensive, and ignorant to assume that my being 21 (or whatever age, it doesn't really seem to matter) means I have no life experience or no intelligence to make life choices, it's also quite annoying.

Now I'm not saying that my generation is the smartest bunch ever (that's clearly not the case), but I am saying that using age as a barometer of how wise/intelligent/experienced a person is, won't apply to all "youths". I could be the wisest mofo on the planet, and you've dismissed me because you deem me to be "young" (which incidentally makes you an ahole in my eyes).

What is being young anyways? What is youth? This short window of opportunity, to make stupid choices and to learn from them without much responsibility? To be naive to the ways of the world? And considering the definition of naive, I know I'd rather not be that..especially if that's what being "young" means. And who has authority to use such a line anyways? Isn't someone always "young" to someone else, no matter their age? My mom is young compared to her mother and father, I'm young compared to all my siblings, and my nieces and nephews are young compared to me.

When does the cycle of ageism and youth discrimination end? (not to sound..melodramatic, lol)

Thoughts, questions, comments, concerns? Post em up!

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There's always someone who knows better than you because of their age versus yours, no matter what age you are. So there is always ageism, really. >.X You're young, everyone's smarter than you. You're middle-aged, the elderly know better. You're elderly, the middle-aged or younger know best. Just shrug it off.

I would love a hysterectomy, but at 23-years old without kids, doctors think I might change my mind later and want babies. I do want children, but that's where foster care and adoption comes in. >.X I don't need someone to be biologically related to me to love them, but of course, everyone older knows better for me. >.X
Le sigh...I feel you on the hysterectomy....goddamn hypocritical doctor pricks!
I have polycystic ovarian syndrome. I have crappy, irregular periods with bad cramps, without any purpose, 'cause I rarely ovulate. Yeah, I want one. D;
If I may make a brief statement about the hysterectomy situation, it is not just about having children. I have endometriosis and my dr. is still not sure about the PCOS. I had my 5th lap. last year with removal of my appendix because it was swollen and covered in endo. and lesions. I'm awake right now because the pain has gotten much worse - again.
The reason for mentioning this is that I still have these problems at 34 after a complete hyst. at 27. As a matter of fact, things have gotten worse after the hyst., so there are other reasons for doctors not wanting to jump to an irreversible surgery. Americans have far more of these than other countries for a multitude of reasons that have nothing to do with helping improve the lives of women.
I understand the frustration, since I've been looking there are two names in the U.S. that show up as endo. (which often goes hand in hand with PCOS) specialists, both of whom are out of my price range and physically far away. Doctors often treat me like a drug addict or complainer, think it is just laziness or a myriad of other responses that have elicited some less than polite responses from me. I'm not sure about you ladies but estrogen of any type is totally out for me, the reaction is horrible. All this after the surgery that was supposed to help the most.
Age IS a fairly good barometer of how experienced a person is. There are, however, some remarkable exceptions on both ends of the spectrum.
don't worry.. you'll grow out of worrying about ageism some day :)
Sooo not funny =P
Well that doesn't seem to be a problem, lol. I've even had people pull out "young whippersnapper".

I have a brother who turns 37 this year as well, and he still lives at home...with me...and mommy dearest.
Mine is like herpes...just pops up at the most inopportune times..My mom's getting fed up though (with both of us, him more so though, as I'm outta here in a year, and well...he's almost 37...dad gummit!)

No, but I say dad gummt, lol.
Well, I think the stigma of living with one's parents is just another stereotype, just like the idea that young people don't know anything. I live with my spouse and parent and we all get along, and it is a better situation for all of us.
That's pretty cool about the kid listening to the Doors and finding it new...I've recently gotten into some things from about 100 years ago, but they are new to me!
Oh man I am 28 and I get this crap all the time.

I don't want kids. Decided this when I was 19, hasn't changed won't change. My Dr wont let me get a vasectomy. I always get the "Oh you'll want kids some day" Although my parents have stopped hoping for me to give them grandkids since my brother is getting married. He's 10 years younger then me.

I don't want to get married. I feel that love should always be a choice and never an obligation. I think marriage takes the choice away from love and relationships. If we are legally bound to be in this relationship it makes me feel like its an obligation, with that being said, if you stay with me through it all without a legally binding contract, it feels real. I am very much a one woman man, I love very deeply and I am loyal to a fault. I'd follow her into the pits of hell if she wanted me to. I just won't get married. Prob why i am single.

I have been out as an atheist fo 13 years. My atheisim has been accepted by my family, but, others still look at me like it's a phase or they say "your a lost sheep, jesus will bring you home" etc. Im sorry, if you ever hear me talk about how I hate christianity and what it does to people, you would know that i'd rather gnaw my arm off then be caught in that trap again. im never going to grow out of hating something that makes people weak and powerless. This isn't a phase and i am not going to grow out of it.

Youth does = inexperience in life, but does not always = ignorance. I take everything people say to me and add it to my own perception of life when it fits. We have a unique ability to learn from the mistakes of other, but, a disinclination to do so. In life, everything is situational, just because it worked for one person, doesn't mean it is going to work for the next. Every little bit of wisdom helps, so take in everything you can from every source you find.


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