It's becoming increasingly clear, that many people need to get their heads out of their asses when it comes to the younger generations. I can't make any rational decision without getting this line:

I am an atheist/non-theist. = Oh you're young, you'll grow out of it.

I like and would prefer to remain childfree. = Oh you're young, you'll grow out of it.

I like illegal substances, but don't smoke or drink. = Oh you're young, you'll grow out of it.

Can't a person be young AND intelligent anymore? Yes...I'm young (according to you)..thank you for pointing that out to me. Not only is it dismissive, offensive, and ignorant to assume that my being 21 (or whatever age, it doesn't really seem to matter) means I have no life experience or no intelligence to make life choices, it's also quite annoying.

Now I'm not saying that my generation is the smartest bunch ever (that's clearly not the case), but I am saying that using age as a barometer of how wise/intelligent/experienced a person is, won't apply to all "youths". I could be the wisest mofo on the planet, and you've dismissed me because you deem me to be "young" (which incidentally makes you an ahole in my eyes).

What is being young anyways? What is youth? This short window of opportunity, to make stupid choices and to learn from them without much responsibility? To be naive to the ways of the world? And considering the definition of naive, I know I'd rather not be that..especially if that's what being "young" means. And who has authority to use such a line anyways? Isn't someone always "young" to someone else, no matter their age? My mom is young compared to her mother and father, I'm young compared to all my siblings, and my nieces and nephews are young compared to me.

When does the cycle of ageism and youth discrimination end? (not to sound..melodramatic, lol)

Thoughts, questions, comments, concerns? Post em up!

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Great post, Sam! Very insightful, I know exactly what you mean (especially on the sterilization).
I didn't even notice that part! What idiot would want to get married so early?! I know quite a few people who get married WAY too young, and I just don't get the concept...Why would you wanna take yourself off the market so early?
It's what we are socalized to do. I know it's what she wants and he thinks that love has to be him giving her what she want's all the time. It's sad, but, If it makes him happy I will support him, and when it ends badly and he's broken, ill be there for him too.
Only after I said "Told ya.."
As far as this will go when it fails is grabbing a beer or two and listining to him talk it out. The old addage goes "give a man a fish, feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime". This is a prime example of a bad situation that would foster a huge amout of personal evolution and id never impead that by helping
What idiot would want to get married so early?!

I think you've contradicted yourself by saying this paragraph in a thread speaking out against the stereotype that young people don't know anything. It's true that most people who marry at 18 don't stay in a happy marriage, but I have known some happy couples in their 40s who got married out of high school. And even a couple who has been married for decades who got engaged after speaking to each other three times. I always say few things are impossible--even if they are pretty damn unlikely.
You are right, and I feel like an asshole for saying that. I should have used "Why get married so early?" or some variant.
No big deal, we all contradict ourselves sometimes:) The people I know who married young had also been through a lot and had rough childhoods, and I think it relates a little to what Grundgetta was saying about being self-sufficient at a young age--they had a better idea of what they wanted or didn't want, and had a decent amount of experience even if they were younger.
Sam Jones: Oh man I am 28 and I get this crap all the time.

I'm 48 and it still sometimes happens to me. It seems that to people who saw you grow, but with whom you somewhat became estranged upon reaching adulthood (typically, uncles and aunts), you'll always be the young yourself. Maybe that's a defence mechanism - they don't want to admit they're growing old. That old? Oh no!
But without marriage, how do you trap a man into fathering the babies he squirts in you? O_o
This is why I make it a point to take care of all of my own contaceptive needs. No crazy woman gonna poke holes in anything to trap me, furthermore there's more then one way to skin a cat lol.


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