Well folks I am quite sure everyone here is aware of the atheist books out these day. I however will be writing a youtube atheist guide to religion, faith, and belief with the help of other well known youtubers. It will cover everything one could want to dicuss on the topic, as well as having a Q&A section, and stories from former christians. Due to the negative influence of religion on our children I wish to expose the unseen damage it is doing. If any atheists have stories of their personal journey out of religion and what hell they may have gone through to get where they are now please contact me. A portion of the profits from the guide will be going directly to Doctors without Boarders. Any suggestion or comments on the book is highly welcomed. 

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You know, there are several discussion topics right here on this site that you can probably use.  Feel free to use any that I've put up.

Here's a couple of refreshingly honest videos on the nature of Islam:
Sam Harris:
Richard Dawkins:

G U I T A R * Z E R O H ! - well there's a bunch in there not all a...

I'll never forget the time the idiots whored the media with the whole koran burning crap;
i posted my rant of disgust but took it down for falling for their bait.

people fkn' died over that crap though. pastor should have been jailed imho; he ended up a nobody anyhew

goog 'atheist ireland youtube' too; waaaay better than most




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