Which ones do you enjoy?


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The Amazing Atheist is my favorite, even if he goes a little far sometimes.

AronRa - even though he only has like one video that talks about Atheism and faith, but I really look forward to his work.


Also Youtubers no one has mentioned yet







This is an excellent thread topic. I have had a computer and been online for only a couple years so I am still ignorant of most of these and quite appreciate being introduced to all these.

Anyway here are two that idr seeing yet.

1 Dawkins site. I got baned and erased from its posting section almost imedietly upon getting online. But still it is probably the most exhaustive source of any news atheist related.

2 That incredibly hot Russian chic. Maybe she is Hungarian Idk. Idk her name either. Regardless tho. I could watch her diss theists all day long.
Are you talking about ZOMGitsCriss?


Here's one of my favorites of his: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpz8PMcRJSY

+1 For Darkmatter2525
DarkMatter2525 has a new channel: DarkAntics
Yes exactly. That is her. For the longest I came upon her only as her vids would be on t same page as Thundfoots or somebody. Recently I discovered her vids can be pulled up merely by typing "hot Russian atheist chic". Knowing her name is vastly preferable tho. Oddly enuf she apparently doesn't have a Wikki page.

Man is she hot. Besides being an obvious head turner, I adore her accent, and immensely enjoy how she relishes dissing theists.
she?  wait, do you mean Zomgitscriss? 

If so then Paul should know she isn't Russian.  She's in fact Romanian.  

well Paul, with due respect you got "baned" from Richard Dawkins' website, and you think Zomgitscriss is "a hot russian chic" ... you're not exactly coming across as the sharpest pencil in the drawer.  Best to show respect to women, and not brag about being banned from a website, and use spell check. These things can help enhance your credibility. 


Unless of course you really do mean "baned"[sic] as in you ruined or spoiled Dawkins' website, and "chic" as in Zomgitscriss is fashionable.

He bragged about being permabanned from Richard Dawkins forum? Damn I need to start reading these emails rather then the posts since I can't validate if this is true or not. It would certainly be better then deleting them en masse.

It would certainly help if I knew how to only prevent emails for people joining groups...




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