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Thanks for giving me her actual name. Upon learning this I investigated and learned that she was Romanian. I did mention somewhere else, the possibility that she could be from another Eastern European country. I did not think it was significant enuf to remark on in and of itself.

As for me remarking on her being hot, I am sorry you are offended, but not only is she, incredibly so imo. But she plays it up in her presentation of herself. It works for her, and good for her. That she is apparently smarter than me, simply makes her more attractive.

And maybe I am not "the smartest pencil in the drawer". Judged by how well I spell, I am sure that is true. My spelling is admittedly sorrowfully lacking. I do the best I can.

I find it distressing that anyone would be particularly upset over it, and Imo, it is quite petty of people to make that big a deal of it, but it is a persons right to do so if they wish. I did say favorable things regarding the Dawkins site regardless.
The show called the Atheist Experience
TheAmazingAtheist is pretty funny





And so many more

I currently have the following in my subscription list:

Laci Green (gogreen18), she is hot, smart and an atheist. Women don't get any better than that!
TheThinkingAtheist (best channel about atheism on Youtube, I just love the "After the Rapture" video)

I've also viewed videos from Darkmatter2525 and Pat Condell (pray for me? No thank you!), as well as a few others.

BTW, if you really want a good laugh (of the toe-curling kind), go watch a few videos from Ann Coulter. Damn, she's really stupid, besides being just wrong, she also screwes up with basic historical facts. Too bad many people think she is actually very smart and right all the time...




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