I just watched this video and laughed so hard milk came out my nose. And I wasn't even drinking milk. I was eating pretzels.


After the video finished, as is my immediate autogenetic response, I scrolled down to the comments portion of the page. This is where my little Iliad left the path of fun and adventure, and took a hard right turn, Clyde.

C'mon people. Really? Are there actually people out there that are so far up their own asses that they can't recognize satire when it walks right up and puts it's proverbial nutsack right in their Cheerios? Apparently so, and even more frightening is the fact that these people have figured out how to use computers. We're doomed! Dooooommmed!!!

This level of fecal encephalopathy and mindless rabbling is all too rampant on sites like YouTube. If people would just put down their Bush Light and mac-N-cheese and shut the fuck up for ten seconds, they just might be able to connect the dots (ooh look, it's a pony!).

This, I impart with no ego, is not really asking a great deal from society. It's a three point plan, who can't follow that? If we could get our fellow (wo)man to adhere to this, then we as a species wouldn't just be heading in the right direction, we'd be moonwalking ourselves straight towards Shangri-La!

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Perhaps along with Critical Thinking, the education authorities should add "Recognising Satire at Ten Paces" to the curriculum.

I haven't watched it yet - my wife is playing WoW on her computer, and if I load a video, she lags, and runs the risk of dying a horrible death. I may add another comment later if the spirit moves me after seeing it.
Bottom barrel intelligence of the mainstream internet:

YouTube comments
Yahoo Answers
Glittery MySpace Pages
Instant Messenger Chat Rooms
You can lead a man to reason but you can't make him think.

It is my hope that all the noise and rabbling generated on youtube serves to kick the bullshit meter of at least a few folks into action. I keep hearing about new atheists who "debated atheists on youtube" or other places and this got them thinking. It's all good from my perspective.
'Sarcasm' n. the gap between the person who is being snarky and the person who just doesn't get it.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ticVtxdIVuc&feature=video_response Someone's video response to that. XD

Personally, I love reading the comments on controversial issues.
I usually don't like to argue with douchebags on YouTube, but sometimes they come up with hilarious comments.
Exactly my reaction. I'm still not quite sure I believe people actually said all that. Even though I know people can be that dumb, I still have a hard time believing it.




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