Youtube starts banning 'religiously offensive' videos

A disturbing YouTube trend to ban even innocuous criticism of religion, simply because Muslims are offended:

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Yeah, I just quit YouTube never to return. Not that I had any videos anyway, but there's no point in my going there now, because the only thing you can watch is Annoying Orange, Fred and Dick Figures. Although Dick Figures is actually pretty good, all be it juvenile. :P

I think the best application of such "censorship" is the broad application to any videos which offend the finer sensibilities of the non-religious.

like, all of them.

Then, Youtube might be a nicer place.

I agree.

Of course, there are other sites for posting videos other than You Tube. These include Vimeo and Viddler which I haven't had problems with to-date.

Can someone tell this idiot mullah to grow a backbone? And as for YouTube, if they're going to start banning videos because they offend ONE PARTICULAR RELIGION, then what is next?

We've had "Everyone Draw Mohammed Day." The next stop may very well be "Everyone Post Mohammed Videos Day" to make it clear to YouTube the stupidity and political correctness represented by such actions does not become them in any way, shape, or form.

The theme of Everyone Draw Mohammed Day was: No one has the right not to be offended. It's time YouTube woke up and smelled the coffee.

Mirrors of the deleted videos mentioned:

The BEST emotional PORN

Amenakin, Censorin' For Islam

Draw Mohammad Day 2... NEEDS YOU!

Osama bin Laden - Shot in head

Fortunately someone usually puts them back up.  You may want to download them yourself.

Muslims are such whiney crybabies.  Call Dr. Phil and get over it.

I think there will be a time  when some of us look back on the past decade or so as a golden age of free speech.  Many people who are either christians or muslims both are fierce opponents of free speech.   Their  attacks on free speech are endless.  I suspect that, in the interest of keeping their marketplace support, companies like Google, which owns Youtube, and Facebook, will give in to at least some religious based censorship.

We in the West have nowhere else to go. We make our stand for secularism and freedom of speech and conscience here, or we end up in a world rather like the last few minutes of The Body Snatchers, 1978. Remember Donald Sutherland being found out?

No deference, no respect for hateful medievalism.

I agree completely. While I can't disagree with YouTubes decision (after all they own it), it still begs the question of "who" gets to decide what is religiously offensive and what is not. Special rights for ever'body!

Wait, what the fuck are special rights?

Why can't the offended just NOT watch what they'll be offended by?  I have never seen the "Passion of Christ" because of a review that said it was more like a "snuff" film than a docu-drama. I don't want to watch a "snuff" film. Therefore, I have never seen Mel Gibson's "Magnum Opus"

Fucking crazy theists! Live with their heads completely up their asses.

Shouldn't be allowed to talk at all...then they MIGHT have a reason to bitch.

It's this simple... You can support complete free speech (especially on the internet) or you support censorship. This is not a false dichotomy- it really is a rare case where 'with us or against us' is the reality. The slippery slope really does exist when it comes to this... once some censorship is accepted, more is guaranteed to come.




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