For anyone who can watch this video of over 47 minutes; "How to Convert an Atheist"; --I must ask, how you feel about its contents.
My main question is: Should anyone such as Derren Brown be playing with the sub conscience of others, like the young lady at the end of the program. It is a very interesting subject which explains a great deal about man's methods of beliefs in the supernatural (gawd or whatever).

Derren Brown has some very interesting programming on Youtube concerning that subject.   Enjoy.

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There are anti-theists who are on the scary side.  I've been having a conversation with one who doesn't believe in freedom of speech for the religious, and perhaps doesn't even think they have a right to their beliefs at all. 

Very good Michael Penn.

He opens by telling the audience, on film, that he isn't filming them.  Yea, that convinces me that religion leads to ethical behavior.  That's as far as I got.

It sounds like you didn't understand - it's not a video by a theist on "how to convert an atheist", but rather it's by the atheist Derren Brown, who's a magician who showed how to (temporarily) convert an atheist into a theist.  He was showing how religious conversion techniques work, but from an atheist point of view, which makes more clear what's going on. 

And he does justify his tricks (which he often uses) one way or another - I forget how in this case :)




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