i've been getting several Birther emails from my Mother and her husband over the past several weeks.  i fear that he is turning her into one as well.  she even voted for Obama in '08.  i've wondered just how deeply rooted it is for him, and, well, i think i just found out:

"The hope from the Administration is that there will eventually be anarchy where the dollar is worthless, houses are devalued and they can force all aspects of the American society into the streets.  BTW, do you own a gun?:) happy"
this was in response to my response to an email "proving" that Obama is a marxist.  i respectfully disagreed with many of his assertations, but i can't say i expected THIS. 
i've already been arguing with my Mother over the contraception issue, and now i'm arguing with them both over Obama.  as some of you know i spent some time on some Right Wing blog yesterday arguing with these Birther lunatics, and i can honestly admit that i wish i hadn't (Loren, you were right).  they are essentially a sub-species of Homo Erectus (as i pointed out in the comments, likely as a result of large jaw muscles needed to ingest mass quantities of beef jerkey, limiting the growth potential of the skull plates and restricting brain growth) and i regret my time interacting with them. 
it's starting to get ugly, just in time for me to be staying at their house in suburban DC this weekend for the Reason Rally.  should i just get a hotel?

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honestly, i'm hoping to crash downtown with some nice people, or a willing female :), at a hotel Saturday.  i'm heading down to Mom's this afternoon, and hopefully i don't wake up Saturday morning tied to my bed. 

Lol, I think you misunderstood. I'm fine being tied up by a willing female (done that!), its my step father I'm worried about.

Just be careful.  I've heard about the kidney thieves  :-)

Oh! Matthew, getting tied to a bed might happen with a "willing female" as well. Be careful!


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