So we are in the thick of the Governor's race here in TN. It struck me as wholly offensive when Republican candidate Zach Wamp spilled his holy rolling garbage on the people of TN. I was horrified when I saw this commercial!! This idiot spoke about getting TN back to it's Judeo Christian roots!!
THANKFULLY this moron was defeated in his primary. I was really pretty worried when I saw this ad, thinking that here in the bible belt, this idiot's message about mixing religion with government, might have struck a chord with the many many fundamentalists we have here in TN. It was a great relief to me when he was defeated in the primary. I know I rallied all of my friends and family, to vote in the primary against him. I don't affiliate myself with any political party, but this time, I felt I had to do something!! What scares me, is that this guy, actually laid it out there that religion has a place in government! That people like this, want to run our government!
What does that mean to me? That I can't afford to be silent anymore. I can't just sit by and hide my opinion anymore. That like minded people like ourselves have to have a voice, and come together and act!! Expose these people's agendas, and enlighten folks about the truth behind the founding of this nation and the meaning of separation of church and state, and how that is one of the most important belief's that we must adhere to.
I don't know maybe it's just me, but I was HORRIFIED when I saw these ads polluting the airwaves of Tennessee. Anyone else have the same reaction??

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I was also completely shocked, horrified, and saddened when I saw his commercials. The worst is that the majority of those on my FB list supported him! What the heck is wrong with people!!?
I didn't catch the commercials (we canceled cable and don't have a digital converter yet), but I did hear about Wamp's comments. I love how Christian politicians and spokespeople talk about things like "Judeo-Christian" roots (instead of just Christian) to make it seem like they're being open-minded. Do they really think they're fooling anyone? I'm glad he didn't make it past the primaries.

I still am not vocal in real life about my atheism, but I have begun talking about very clear-cut issues like this when they come up. The 10 commandments aren't the basis of our legal system; government shouldn't be funding religious organizations; city councils shouldn't be praying to Jesus; Catholics shouldn't be above the law when it comes to child rape and sexual abuse accusations, etc. Even the most obvious and uncontroversial comments like those get some resistance or silence occasionally, but I think it's important for us atheists to get the ideas out there.
Well I know being open about your atheism especially here in TN can be scary and can have real ramifications in your life both personal and professional life. My family is catholic but my parents understand that I am a good person and so do all of my friends. They just think I'm confused and will change my mind later. I guess that's what I have to let them think and it's ok. They will just have to be disappointed when I don't, and bear witness to me living a very peaceful life. So hopefully some day you will feel comfortable enough to have a rational conversation with the people around you.

I know what you mean about the 10 commandments and it disturbs me to the core to see them posted outside of government buildings here in TN. You are right about not being silent. More and more people like us need to start speaking up, and laying it out there that this country was not founded on christian values, and nowhere in the constitution is there mention of any god, and very plainly states the importance of separation of church and state. People like Zach Wamp, have NO PLACE in our government, and that he has been allowed to be a congressman, is so worrisome to me, that I speak out against it, every chance I get! More and more of us are coming out of the wood work, and more and more people are feeling free to openly discuss their feelings on their letting go of religion, and it's making sense to many of those who just go along with it because they never had the guts or opportunity to consider anything different. Its going mainstream, with people like Bill Maher, Ricky Gervais, Louis Black, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Julia Sweeney, and many many more actors and musicians and scientists going mainstream with their atheism. Hang in there, this is just the beginning:) Maybe we can wake this country up and help the liberate their minds. Maybe we can create an environment where people can actually fathom the thought of letting all of that mental bondage go and truly being free! Ya know?




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