Zeitgeist Movement/Venus Project - STOP, PLEASE STOP, AND THINK...

If you have not yet, watch "Zeitgeist Moving Forward" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Z9WVZddH9w

I totally agree with the concept of the movie. That being said I want to point out a few things to consider...

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions."
"The method of the global elite is to create a problem and then offer a solution"
"A utopia will never work, because a utopia requires people, the people on this world here and now are broken. Shaped into broken people by the broken system in which they were raised. If a utopia were created and the people of this planet teleported into it, they would destroy it, because we have been trained by culture to destroy such ideas. Thats not to say that many people are intelligent enough to see past their flawed upbringing, but for the majority of the world this stands true. The best we can hope for is to work towards a utopia. So that one day, we will have a utopia, filled with people untainted by a corrupt monetary culture."

The Illuminati, for lack of a better term or definition of the group of global elite, are not to be underestimated. They have been around forever, and it would be foolish to assume that they sit silent while such a movement grows, and more importantly, while the leaders of such a movement continue to live. If we have learned anything from past assassinations and conspiracies. It is that the Illuminati are hellbent on fulfilling their agenda and will let no one stand in their way. How many prominent figures have met an early death simply because they preached ideologies which did not "Jive" with their plans. It would be irrational to assume that they have gotten lazy with The Zeitgeist Movement. It would be more rational to assume that the Venus Project directly aligns with their ultimate goal which is a one world government or rather a New World Order.

Make no mistake. The next big step for humanity is a one world government, and I truly believe that the Venus Project is our destined evolutionary path. It seems logical and just and I will support it to its fullest.

But I see problems with the fact that many people will refuse it on principles such as:
- I want to own property so fuck you if you try to take it from me.
- I own my own business try to take it from me and you have a problem.
- I want to practice my irrational religion, because I need my drug, and I assume it my right to then eventually use religious freedom to force my beliefs on others or to force others to accommodate my ridiculous requests.
- If I want a pair of Nike's how will a resource based economy give me those. What if I only have enough "points" for a pair of generic shoes, I can't live with that!
- If I can't smoke, gamble, buy prostitutes, buy 12yo girls/boys to rape, hunt animals and not use the meat I killed, then fuck the movement.

These are the problems we face. There are people who are fixated on ideas that are illogical. They fail to see the stupidity in the ideas of what they have taken as given in our current system, and expect the same "privileges" to exist in a system that is intended to be fair for all. Also some form of procreation quota will have to be installed, it stands to reason that if every couple produces 12 offspring every year across the planet we will soon be shoulder to shoulder with people all over the world.

And again with such a factual observation we will certainly come to conflict with people who simply lack the intellectual capacity to see the flaw in what they demand. And these people will fight to the death to get what they want because they have been brainwashed to believe that this is acceptable.

Our biggest enemy is education, not just education of the movement, but education in general. The education required to understand that religion is false, and what moral guide it does provide should and does naturally exist in all of us, if not, identify the psychological reasons for its lack and fix them. The education to understand that if we are all free, then how can you buy 12yo girls and boys. The education to know that you cannot fuck like rabbits and expect a society driven by sustainability to accept your ideology. The education to understand that in such a system Nike will no longer make shoes, but that shoes will be given to all for the purpose which is required.

News Flash, we will all dress and look a like. We will use clothing and shoe design that provide a minimal impact on resources and the environment, that are easy to produce,... no Nike or Skechers. Individuality will exist where is is logical... such as color patterns or clothing... idk.

So the question comes... what to do with the people who simply do not want the system proposed by The Zeitgeist Movement?

Do we kill them, the movement cannot exist because the two are inherent enemies, this is obvious, the logical and moral resolution still eludes me, but if it lies anywhere it lies with educating both sides.

What to do with the Illuminati?

This new proposed system like all before it are easily manipulated. After-all who will make the big decisions in a resource based economy. I do not believe in having a computer decide everything. A true AI does not exist and if it did what's to stop it from turning against us, isn't it kind of sad to think we let a computer control us, as if we are to dumb to do it ourselves. A person should always remain in the loop. So the question is who. If we use people, then there will always be the possibility that they make bad decisions or decisions which eventually provoke social divisions, upper class and lower class and then we end up where we started.

We would need to chip everyone. It would be essential, using technology to monitor and watch people. This would make such a utopia easier to run but it would also make it exponentially easier for bad people to abuse the system, whats to stop it... an educated public?

-*-The global destabilization that is coming, including the riots in Egypt will all be CIA propagated, meaning by design of the Illuminati. It seems their plan is to destroy the system which they have used to reap a life of irrational luxury at the expense of billions of lives for centuries. To drive their own creation into oblivion, to make the masses toil and suffer, and to then offer as the solution the next evolutionary step in their method of global human control. A new pyramid which they plan to sit atop of for the next few centuries, while the working class goes from one misery to another.

If a single person dies or is imprisoned in the name of "The Zeitgeist Movement" then we have already failed. Open your minds and your hearts, see the lies around you, and forgive those mislead by the evil men in this world. For there are but a handful of evil men, and a billion mislead fools, willing to die for the ideology and gain of that small group of evil men.

This must not be allowed...

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we have been trained by culture to destroy such ideas. Thats not to say that many people are intelligent enough to see past their flawed upbringing


Ahah, I guess these people are the ones that have had their consciousness raised by adhering to the message of the Zeitgeist movement.


If you want to know more about what nonsense you are spouting here, or at least that's according to my opinion, please read Debunking Zeitgeist and do some background information.


Conspiracy Theory = Religion - God(s)

Illuminati? You've been watching too much Dan Brown...




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