Zionism at its finest: Jewish Settlers attacking Palestinians and Israel is keeping quiet about it.

Jewish Settlers in the West Bank are still attacking and persecuting Palestinians.

Personally I think Israel should not be supported by the West and be forced to hand the occupied territories back to the Palestinians.
Because a stupid set of fake books and Zionist propagandists conning the British into giving them land is no real solid basis for existence of a territory. 

But Zionism is still gaining strength and Jews are more determined to take over the land they claim their dumb, outdated God / Yahweh, gave to them.  
When factually there never was any actual Israel in the past nor any valid claim for the territory, since Jews were an offshoot of Canaanite Arabs originally.

Jews to Canaanite religion is the same relationship as Mormons to Christianity.
Offshoots created by charlatans.

The Jewish settlers are still trying to steal land from the Palestinians today.
Al Nakba ( the Zionist persecution of Palestinians) lives on. 


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I agree, Frankie, that race is a construct, pernicious and eugenics, discriminatory legislation, and social Darwinism exist at the detriment of humanity.

”Jews are genetical to each other, as are gypsies of Europe, and the Maasai of Kenya.”

~ Razib Khan. The Jewish people: genetic unity in diversity. ”Today there are brown-skinned South Indian Jews, fair-haired Lithuanian Jews, and olive-skinned Persian Jews. They may all be united by religious custom, but clearly, there are differences in heritage.”

~ Razib Khan.  The origins of the Romani determined definitively. 


I can find no verification of Maasai of Kenya being as Jews and gypsies. 

”Jews are subject to diseases that other groups are not or less so and a high incidence of lactose intolerance.”

”The 5 Most Common Ashkenazi Genetic Diseases”


”Jewish Genetics: 75% of Jews Are Lactose Intolerant and 11 Other Facts”


I don’t know what all this means or matters. I am disgusted by the assignment of  Palestinian land to Israelis after the war and even more so by the Israelis take over of homes and farms of Palestinians. If this makes me racist, then when some power gives the land that doesn’t belong to them and destroys functioning villages and cultures, I am racist. I am racist about the crimes committed against the Native population of the Americas. I am racist by the crimes committed against Hawaii, the Philippines, Panama, 

I expect our government to stop acting like a bully to the rest of the world, to sit down and negotiate differences. 

Joan i brought up the biological basis of jewishness not for any good reason other than to discredit Dog who has shown his colors repeatedly. He is an out and out racist. Plinius also. His constant bullshit about race and ethnicity and culture and mythology is nonsense. He could as easily apply his sophistry to other people. But he reserves his saliva for Jews. 

It is as always in history a question of power. Give the Palestinians the power and the blood would run in the streets the way it once did during the crusades in Jerusalem. Palestinians rejected a UN solution a long time ago. Jews not so.

The world over we see power, greed, mythology, naked aggression in play as people conquer other people and claim land. But the anti-semites are fixated on zionism. Zionism was a political movement that predated the holocaust by many decades. Jews knew they were never going to be safe until they had there own land. And btw Palestine was only one area that was considered as a potential homeland. Had the goal been some religious nonsense then no other place would have been considered. 

Humans are the same the world over. Give the oppressed power and the oppressed become the oppressors. When people make special rules for Jews and have their actions under a microscope while greater transgressions are ignored it is because anti-semitism is alive and well.

If we cannot or will not consider the propriety and severity of political movements in light of other political movements we ought to keep our mouths shut. Having harsh standards for one and blindness for another is symptomatic of you know what. The history of Europe is a cesspool. The English, Germans, Spanish, Dutch, Belgians....etc have no biz being hypercritical of Jews and Israel. 

"The English, Germans, Spanish, Dutch, Belgians....etc have no biz being hypercritical of Jews and Israel. "

I agree! 100%! And of Arabs and Palestinians. 

Frankie wrote: Humans are the same the world over. Give the oppressed power and the oppressed become the oppressors. ....

Will women given power oppress as cruelly as men have?

The Amazon women were often known to shoot a man in the nuts and kick him up the ass.

Then when the combat was up close and personal, women won?

Ok Tom...I think the knee jerk answer is women are more cooperative and amenable to conflict resolution through peaceful means. But that is probably a superficial answer. 

There is a dynamic in psychology that transforms the recipient of power into a Machiavellian psychopath. Lord Acton.

I am reminded of the Iroquois who were quite the political and war like people and run by women. They were of course major players in French and Indian war,  in the fur trade, had dominion over Algonquin tribes-in other words exactly as men behave. 

Elizabeth 1 of England was political, cunning and no different in exercise of power...ordered her cousin Mary Queen of Scots to be executed. 

Her sister Mary was known as bloody Mary for the execution of hundreds.

Gilda Meir also like a man...

Am guessing many of contemporary women are same as men when in power.

Also we observe women joining ISIS..married to supremacists in KKK and the like...in other words women are part of And a reflection of their culture.

So as to suppression of oppression ...probably not.

Frankie, Lord Acton had it backwards; a psychopath can sell almost anything to almost anyone and more skilfully acquires power.

To learn about psychopathy, start with a search on Robert Hare. His checklist is a century more recent than Acton’s sources.

  • I have read about psychopathy. Iit was not the proper word . I used it loosely to convey his famous axiom ..power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Acton was wrong again, Frankie; absolute power is a fiction.

The so-called absolute ruler has to share power, by rewarding the people who protect him from assassins.

Not all women are good leaders. 

Here goes that word again, "good." What is a good leader? I've listed what qualities I think make good leaders. Others may have better or more ideas. You are correct, Frankie, not all women leaders provide the quality of leadership that you and I can tolerate. 

~ Alice H. Eagly* and Mary C. Johannesen-Schmidt.The Leadership Sty....  

Journal of Social Issues, Vol. 57, No. 4, 2001, pp. 781–797

Reading through the articles of today's male and female leadership I run across none of the names to which I most often used for references. My generation is gone. Done. Retired. Tired. Dead. 




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