Zionism at its finest: Jewish Settlers attacking Palestinians and Israel is keeping quiet about it.

Jewish Settlers in the West Bank are still attacking and persecuting Palestinians.

Personally I think Israel should not be supported by the West and be forced to hand the occupied territories back to the Palestinians.
Because a stupid set of fake books and Zionist propagandists conning the British into giving them land is no real solid basis for existence of a territory. 

But Zionism is still gaining strength and Jews are more determined to take over the land they claim their dumb, outdated God / Yahweh, gave to them.  
When factually there never was any actual Israel in the past nor any valid claim for the territory, since Jews were an offshoot of Canaanite Arabs originally.

Jews to Canaanite religion is the same relationship as Mormons to Christianity.
Offshoots created by charlatans.

The Jewish settlers are still trying to steal land from the Palestinians today.
Al Nakba ( the Zionist persecution of Palestinians) lives on. 


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Here is an actual critical thinker's views on Zionism and Israel.
And I agree with him that basing any state on superstitious nonsense is a terrible idea at best.


Dog, you have no standing for any of your opinions. Your brain is deficient. You have established that repeatedly. Any of us might be ignorant of some aspect of knowledge that is common among educated people...defenestration at Prague, some aspect of scientific revolution, Albigensian crusade..etc. But to opine Ireland is a continent is so far beyond the pale that it speaks to your gross ignorance. And while you have educated yourself as to aspects of ancient history and the propaganda of the far left in its anti-semitism you are nonetheless a very ignorant person. Additionally you reason so poorly that it is painful to contemplate. 

For instance you say Herzl was a a Journalist, not an atheist. How in this universe is journalism relevant? What is wrong with you? Herzl could have been a butterfly catcher, pedophile, architect or miscreant. How is that related to issue of atheism? I actually read his famous book. It is not about religion. It is about necessity. To my knowledge he was an atheist. 

You fundamentally misunderstand zionism. It is a nationalistic movement borne of the realization that no place in Russia, eastern Europe or western Europe is safe for Jews. Jews as an ethnic group have a culture that has been driven in large measure by the discrimination/persecution that was endemic throughout the old world. Once the holocaust occurred it was even more apparent than ever that Jews had to establish a nation. There was a camaraderie borne of having endured the nightmare. Another of the rich Jewish cultural practices flowered in the form of the kibbutz, which symbolized the oneness of Jews and the goal of working together.  Jews worked together to create a homeland for it was clear that relying on the good graces of host nations was a recipe for continued persecution. Even now the  long legs of anti-semitism are marching proudly under the drumbeat of moronic racists like yourself.

Your inability to apply the admittedly arbitrary standards you have for Israel and Jews to other people speaks to some combination of antisemitism and idiocy. What is a solid foundation for a state? Where does it exist? Throughout Africa there are tribal rivalries that have caused untold bloodshed. In South America, Central America and North America European christians who had superior technology used it to subjugate and exploit native peoples and create nations. They were driven by greed, religion, a sense of entitlement and might makes right. Europe is a morass of conquest, religion, might makes right. BUT YOU WANT TO SINGLE THE JEWS. And they are not even a people, you say. Save your calumniating. It is pathetic. 

Frankie calls Jews an ethnic group.
So be it, but ethnicity does not mean race.
Everything else he argues about is a mere distraction and irrelevant to the topic.

Zionism is about getting the so called promised land for the Jews, when the land was never really promised to them by anything real by legal or illegal means.

An imaginary promise is a fake claim.

Any group or ethnicity could claim that their 'God' promised them a particular land.
That is likely what happened with the Torah, it was a fake claim that they thought others will consider as a valid claim.

It never washes with those that are capable of rational thinking.

I have Zionism correct, it is Frankie who has no clue! :p 

Frankie ol' M8 is the one with no credibility for his opinions.

My opinions are based on historical facts, such as that Jews were originally Canaanite Arabs, as that is where their YHWH they worship as an only God, originated and the race they also originated from.

Which is identical to the race most of the Palestinians also originated from.

Zionism is the position that the Jews are correct and they do have a valid claim to the Jerusalem / Judea region, even though it is based entirely on a fraudulent fantasy created by the likes of Ezra and his scribes who wrote Genesis to Deuteronomy ( Pentateuch ) in the 6th and 5th Centuries BCE.

Like the story of the fake escape from Egypt and a 40 year trek to a place they could have easily have walked to in under 2 weeks.

Even basic Logic destroys their Torah / Talmudic scriptures.

Jews that believe in the Torah / Talmud are such absolute Dumbasses. :p 

The U.N. investigators are calling for arrests to be made for war crimes committed in Gaza. 
Israel has no authority in Gaza, and has committed atrocious crimes there that even if they had authority there, would still be humanitarian / war crimes.



I don't demonize the Jews but I'm no fan of Nuttiyahu. 

ROFL Frankie ol' M8! :p

Ireland is irrelevant to the topic, whether it is called a nation, an island a continent does not matter, people identify with it as an inherited origin of their ancestry.

The issue is with Jews and Jews don't have any race claim.
The origin of Judaism was with the Canaanites which is the same origin as most Arabs and the Palestinians or the Semitic languages of which Hebrew is only one of.

So if the Jews want to claim a genetic heritage and thus claim to be a race, they have to go back to before the 6th century BCE when they too were Arabs and share the exact same racial heritage as the Arab Muslims they are denigrating and trying to steal the land from in Palestine.

History destroys your BS! :p

And your Non-Sequitur ad-hominem attacks on moi, only demonstrate your inability to reason correctly.

Get an education.
Or first get a brain capable of learning. :p

Nice work Dog..you are spot on in pointing out that whether Ireland is an island or a continent is not relevant to the topic! Congrats as this light bulb illuminating in your cavernous skull represents a giant leap in intellectual progress! On the other hand as i have pointed out it does speak to an incredible ignorance and the more so for one who claims Irish ancestry.

Earlier you seem to have agreed with the consensus that race is a construct. Now you are using race to slander your favorite people. Jews have a closer genetic connection to each other than to non-Jews. This is a fact whether a Jew is religious or not. It does not depend on expectations or understanding. Mythology has no bearing on the issue.

Jews also share deep cultural roots/bonds that do not depend on religion. There is Jewish music (klezmer) Jewish toys, Jewish pursuit of excellence and achievement (highest iq of any ethnic group) etc..You have failed to point out how it is that Jews are the one ethnic group who are delegitimized for having a religion that originated with them. English have the Anglican church (church of England). But that does not stop them from being English. If an Englishman leaves the Anglican church he is still English. Never mind with your spurious contention that a homeland is necessary. Jews had it and have it again. Not that it is relevant in any event..Please don't embarrass yourself again by citing your friends (real or imaginary) who are apostates of Judaism and therefore no longer Jews. If they still considered themselves to be Jews you would disregard their opinion. Make an argument of your own. Don't rely on authority. Stand on your four paws. You can do it. 

Fundamentally you have not, nor can you answer my contention that discriminating against Jews ( i am assuming arguendo the truth of the matter you asserted although it is nonsense) for being illegal owners of a nation that they usurped because they used religious mythology to justify their usurpation is any worse than the way other people have come to establish their ownership of a nation. 

Furthermore, your perspective in laying all of the blame on Jews and Israel is consistent with your tendentious, confirmation biased, group-think cuz i can't think, racism. Truth falls anywhere, it is not aesthetic unlike the designed lies you have co-opted. 

On some level i suspect you know how deficient you are. I have heard it said by many atheists that being an atheist is in and of itself  not indicative of intelligence. EXHIBIT A:  Dyslexic's DOG.

What do you gain by being insulting?

How do increase understanding by calling anyone names?

Who do you attempt to impress with your vulgarisms? 

Do you make yourself feel better than others by being disrespectful? 

Can you celebrate as information illuminating your brain reveals a giant descent into intellectual regression?


Your attempt to diminish that after having bragged about fighting for civil rights and other egalitarian endeavors is hypocritical. Dog, Plinius and you to a lesser degree have exhibited shameful racism. 

Also Joan, why are you singling me out for name calling and insulting? 

Dog and Plinius have both done that? Is it simply because you are sympathetic to their racist bullshit?

I promise you, Frankie, if I resort to name calling and insults, I expect you to call me on it. I will wave my white flag of surrender. 




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