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My old computer wouldn't play it, but I found it on Youtube.

This is really appropriate for a christion display. It's all about rising from the dead just like zombies. Christianity eats people's brains, figuratively, like zombies do literally. And of course, zombies want to take over the world, consuming anything in their way. Just like...?

It is very funny, too!

If they were really offended about the size of the display, they must not ever see photos of places where neighbors compete vigorously to show off their Bad Taste.  (I would put a bloody sacrificial lamb in the manger...that's all Jebus ever was...IF he existed at all.)

I live in the San Fernando Valley (Beautiful [?] Downtown Burbank), and some front yards are more cluttered with figurines (large ones!) and bright lights than Disneyland ever was.  And they also play ghastly Muzak.  Eww.

"Turn off your (fecking) lights, and turn on to Astronomy!" 

I've seen signs "Tune your radio to 105.5" or whatever; that's a polite way to share the Christmas music with a willing audience.

I imagine some poor theist was upset. Recall that they had 2 anonymous complaints. Then the reaction was because of "zoning violations." The hell it was. Who would call up anonymously and report zoning violations? Who would know that much about zoning in this community? If the calls were anonymous the complaint was about the zombie display and how it was mocking Caesar Chrisp the Lard and Savor.

I totally agree.  The crispies are SOOOOOO sensitive about their myths.


There have been so many examples of different things that got under christians' skin. I tend to believe that it's all been covered, but the sneaky non-christians find another angle to get a jab in. Hats off. I can't even guess at what will be next, but i know there will be something else. 

Back in the 1950s and '60s, we had a neighbor who worked at Disney's Mouse Factory.  During the holidays his house looked like a comic book; BIG plywood (painted) cut-outs of Santa waving from a 10ft "rocket ship," with Donald, Mickey, Bambi, Peter Pan, and other recognizable characters in the Disney style, standing on the lawn waving back.  Talk about BAD taste!  He never touched up the paint, so over the years it all faded, and looked like a REAL trashy comic book. 

I don't recall anybody ever complaining, but back then the xians weren't so touchy about xmas, either..  Probably because we weren't fighting back very much about the absurdity of their fables then.

Christians and Christianity were never questioned and mocked in the past as much as they are today.  Atheists are finally speaking up and challenging their beliefs and their privilege.  This wasn't done previously, not to the degree that it is being done currently. 

Robbert Ingersoll certainly did...more than 100 years ago, and he always spoke to SRO-packed audiences.

It's my thought that the xians are getting scared; their imaginary friend hasn't shown up, non-believers are not as afraid as they used to be to tell pollsters the truth, and we ARE laughing at their silly beliefs.  (Some of us are even challenging their tax-free status; that REALLY scares them.)

Laughter, ridicule, and taxes are powerful weapons.

And "Nothing Fails Like Prayer!"

Carl just hit it all right on the head.




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