The Zombie Survival Guide.

Right, this topic is posted under comedy. :)

I watched Zombieland with a theist friend. Discussing the movie afterwards, she said she cannot stand the idea of being on the run and would just let herself be gorged right smack on day one. I said, that is absolutely boring!

I know it isn't just me but a lot of you out there have considered the what if scenarios. So, what will you do - the first time you notice that something amiss is in the air? Where will you go? What are the essentials to survive Zombieland? Do you have your own Zombieland rules, if any.

Btw, the first zombie movie that I watched when I was a kid was Let Sleeping Corpses Lie, an Italian film. What was yours and your favorite zombie movie/s?

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I've read the Zombie Survival Guide so I'm well prepared for an infestation of zombies. My tactic would be to hide for as long as possible under the blanket of my bed with my fingers in my ears going "yadayadayadayadayadayada" while drinking copious amounts of hard liquor.

If I will survive the initial shock of being without internet porn, and when my liquor supply has been exhausted (and only then) I'll probably have to go outside in search of supplies. One thing that I know for sure is that I will not become a hero, there is a time and place for everything, being heroic while the world has turned to shite is not a good survival strategy. A much better way of surviving is to be the coward that does not take any risks for somebody else's sake.
I, too, have read this wonderful book! I was well prepared to begin with, though, as I am Samurai.
I'm gonna be on the lookout for hottie zombie nurses. :)
I'm ready for the Zombie apocalypse at all times. I never go anywhere without my crowbar.
Not having a zombie attack plan is just irrisponsible, I have 3! All of which involve bunkering down in a Cosco for a while untill most of the zombies are gone somehow. After that I make my way to Washington to create a new life in the land of Fallout 3 X) I've played that game enough to know my way around.
The first place I would go is Walmart. They have most of the supplies that you need. Duct tape, food, luggage and backpacks to hold supplies, twinkies (but not the coconut ones), guns, ammo, clothes, flashlights, first aid kit, baby wipes... I'm sure I would find some other things after a look around. You need enough to make it to some place secure and close by. If your in Geneva, The LHC would be secure enough. Fort Knox... The White house would probably be my choice. If you lock those doors, no zombie is gettin in. Plus the tunnels underground could provide an escape route or a place to get out to get more supplies. Too bad Biodome didn't work, you would never have to leave for more supplies. This is just a plan on a whim, I'm sure I could come up with something better... maybe I should... *looking around in despair*
1) Find a massive and hopefully armour plated car, a hummer will do.
2) Find guns, lots of them.
3) Do a quick search for any survivors (if they have been bitten then either shoot them in the head or leave them, depending on how humane you want to be).
4) Make your way to some kind of Walmart, here in South Africa it would be a Macro or any other huge warehouse place.
5) Lock all doors and seal any sort of entrance big enough for a half eaten zombie to get in.
6) Ta-da! Survival for the fittest!

I think it could be quite fun, a real life zombie game! Lets just hope that they are the really slow zombie's that take days to move anywhere. I never really understood how people could get caught when the zombie's couldn't even move 2 steps within 5 minutes. If it were me I would laugh at them and then when they think they almost have you move a few more steps backwards and watch them in their frustration. Hehe, stupid zombie's..
There is a flaw in that plan, the ones in the movies that tease zombies or any "bad guy" always gets killed first.
I could replay this a million times, lol.
But thats because they are stupid and don't watch them enough. I'm not stupid, just cruel :P




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