The Zombie Survival Guide.

Right, this topic is posted under comedy. :)

I watched Zombieland with a theist friend. Discussing the movie afterwards, she said she cannot stand the idea of being on the run and would just let herself be gorged right smack on day one. I said, that is absolutely boring!

I know it isn't just me but a lot of you out there have considered the what if scenarios. So, what will you do - the first time you notice that something amiss is in the air? Where will you go? What are the essentials to survive Zombieland? Do you have your own Zombieland rules, if any.

Btw, the first zombie movie that I watched when I was a kid was Let Sleeping Corpses Lie, an Italian film. What was yours and your favorite zombie movie/s?

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Wow! Number seven is a debate of its own.
I say shoot them if they've been bitten because the only good zombie is a really, really dead one.
So shooting might not even work and then you'd have to cut him/her in pieces or something ...
In every zombie movie I have seen; a blunt and/or severe trauma to the head kills/stops both pre-zombies and full zombies. So a crowbar or downward chop(sword/machete/axe) to the skull should take care of the issue of them getting back up. :O/

You are right about #7… I was thinking about the ethics of #7 even as I was copying it from Tezzie original post; and even how cold heart'ed my caveat was.

I would shoot them, I know it's extremely cold hearted but you never know if that person would become the zombie that eats your brains. But then again I'm not sure I would have the heart to actually do it when it comes down to it.
Yeah, it depends on the kind of zombie you get. Some of them die once their brain is destroyed, but some keep going on forever. It's a tough call.
Some you just have to trap somehow like make something heavy fall on them or just run over them with a car and leave the car on top. They never develop super human strength, they deal with the muscles they have.
Burning sounds like a sure fire (pun intended) way to go. But you would still have to run if you didn't blow them up. For instance, throw a Molotov cocktail on them and run until the fire renders their muscles useless. I could also see a zombie having superior strength now that you mention it. After all, someone jacked up on PCP is super strong, but has no additional assistance for strength. I believe its just a mental thing. If they are super fast, I wouldn't want to be wielding a sword or machete. They might take it from me or knock it out of my hand. If attracting more zombies is what we are worried about, how about a gun with a silencer? A quick search on homemade silencers should help to address our preparations.
I'm a wimp. My first instinct would just be to try to get away as fast as I can. >.> I can't imagine sticking around long enough to debate whether or not to kill them.
I don't know about you guys but I am not sticking my neck out there for survivors. If I would, I'd make sure he or she is not a theist! haha :P

Great tips, Katalyzt. Yeah, night vision is a must!
You make a good point about the guns.. A sword always works well and will never run out of ammo!
The crowbar is much more sturdy then a sword, it can be used to remove barricades or to open a door as well as being a very effective weapon. Plus, most swords that you can buy are replicas which are not suitable for actual combat.
Yes, but I much prefer a sword like a katana to use for defense against the zombies, as long as it is a proper sword made for combat. I'm not sure I am strong enough to wield a crow bar and to swing it hard enough to do enough damage. but then again it's pretty heavy so it might just do its own damage even if I swing it gently. It could come in handy in other situations but it might just be better to keep it available rather than use it as a weapon.
Actually it takes years and years of practice to use a katana effectively. If you are unskilled you have a much higher change of injuring yourself then your target. Also, to be able to cut through an object such as a human head you would still need considerable strength and speed at least comparable with a crowbar.

If you are unskilled with weaponry, try to use a weapon which is as simple as possible to use with just one "pointy" end. A sharp curved blade of 5,5 feet long that needs to be swung in circles with significant speed and strength is not a good beginners weapon.

A crowbar is much easier to use, has a lower probability of injuring the wrong person and has multiple uses, hence in my opinion it's the better choice.




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