The Zombie Survival Guide.

Right, this topic is posted under comedy. :)

I watched Zombieland with a theist friend. Discussing the movie afterwards, she said she cannot stand the idea of being on the run and would just let herself be gorged right smack on day one. I said, that is absolutely boring!

I know it isn't just me but a lot of you out there have considered the what if scenarios. So, what will you do - the first time you notice that something amiss is in the air? Where will you go? What are the essentials to survive Zombieland? Do you have your own Zombieland rules, if any.

Btw, the first zombie movie that I watched when I was a kid was Let Sleeping Corpses Lie, an Italian film. What was yours and your favorite zombie movie/s?

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Lol! I don't get it how the zombies caught up to them though, they were walking so slowly and scooby and shaggy were running! *sigh* I guess it's just the way of the horror films..
Thank you all for the tips on surviving the impending Zombie invasion, predicted to begin in November here in the U.S.
My fav zombie movie is still Night of the Living Dead, because it was the first of the realistic ones; nothing else comes close.
This is true ...
A zombie invasion in November is no good for me, can we move this date back a little?
When the zombie apocalypse comes I'll be ready. I'm heading to the nearest brewery!
If/when zombies become more than just horror fiction, I plan to lead a small group of friends and family to take over a local Walmart. The hardest part would be clearing out the Walmart and blockading off all potential entrances and exits. Luckily, though, the only windows are around the entrances and exits where there are also metal gates that can be pulled down. Every supply you could ever need would be available in the Walmart, as well. When the fresh produce starts rotting we could create a compost heap, set up warming lights, and use the compost to plant seeds to continue growing fresh vegetables, to sustain us.
Nice! Remember, Walmart also has soil and everything needed to grow food like pots and seeds. I'm wondering if you could recycle all of your water. They have water filter pictures also. The compost could be a bonus. Too bad they don't have solar panels. They do have many solar powered yard lights, you could mine them for the solar panel, use the wire in the automotive dept to hook all that they have together to hopefully have enough electricity to power the lights for growing your food. Walmart suppliments their artificial lights with natural skylights on the roof so that would help to grow the food. Also, it is each man for himself in a zombie attack, to try and lead a group might get you killed, tell them beforehand to just meet up at Walmart.
There is some safety in numbers, though. You can defend yourself better from a hungry horde if there is someone to watch your back. Probably it would be best to travel in parties to meet up at Walmart, then, or something. >.X
The biggest enemy in the first moments after the zombie outbreak will not be the zombies themselves but human behavior. You can expect everybody to panic and run to a place that they consider safe.

The roads will be obstructed by traffic jams, shopping malls and police stations will be swarmed by scared and ill prepared people. Pedestrians will be crushed in stampedes, frustrated and scared people in their cars will use whatever means to get to their destination which will cause even more mayhem and destruction. The last place you want to be at that moment is outside.

Because a shopping mall or supermarket has several entrances (personal, supplies, customers, ventilation etc.) it is one of the worst places that you can take shelter, especially since the perimeter of the structure is quite large and not built with defense in mind (glass doors, flimsy corrugated metal roof etc.)

After a zombie outbreak, there is no such thing as safety in numbers. The more people there are the easier it becomes for an infection to spread. Also, contrary to what most people think, supplies are not your first priority in case of a disaster on the scale of the zombie apocalypse. The first priority is to consolidate a secure perimeter, only if you do not have a safe base, should you travel, but only to find a better safe spot.
It's already started.
Interesting, I was just had a conversation about this very subject 4 days ago… I have heard that the last weapon you want to use is a gun, or any weapon that makes a noise loud enough to attract a mass of flesh devouring zombies. And instead a sword and/or crowbar are better/practical to carry; at least for quietly moving around an area infested with zombies on foot. You see the zombies greatest strength is in their numbers, which you do not want coming down on you all at once. Do not get me wrong; stock up an as many guns and ammo as you can comfortably carry. Just understand your enemy, and the consequences of the use of certain weapons.

Here is my quick zombie survival list:

1] (Pre-Zombie Incident) Get a [working] swords, or machete from whatever source you trust. Both, and have a nice selection. ;O)

2] If you are not already at/in one then find and secure a defensible location(preferable one with, or near a food supply)

3] Stock up on guns and ammo: And if possible make your sidearm a revolver, as they do not jam. The rest of the guns can be semiautomatics.

4] Get body armor.

5] Get some type of night vision. Even this toy will let you see 50 feet in complete darkness: (

6] Get a vehicle capable of plowing through a large crowd of zombies with minimal damage to itself.

7] If this last option does not compromise your survival then like Tezzie said: “Do a quick search for any survivors (if they have been bitten then either shoot them in the head or leave them, depending on how humane you want to be).”





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