The Zombie Survival Guide.

Right, this topic is posted under comedy. :)

I watched Zombieland with a theist friend. Discussing the movie afterwards, she said she cannot stand the idea of being on the run and would just let herself be gorged right smack on day one. I said, that is absolutely boring!

I know it isn't just me but a lot of you out there have considered the what if scenarios. So, what will you do - the first time you notice that something amiss is in the air? Where will you go? What are the essentials to survive Zombieland? Do you have your own Zombieland rules, if any.

Btw, the first zombie movie that I watched when I was a kid was Let Sleeping Corpses Lie, an Italian film. What was yours and your favorite zombie movie/s?

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I am thankful that the risk of nuclear war seems to have receded.

I hope your right.
Right because you're gonna have to use electrified barbed wire.
Do you think a "rage" virus can be engineered?

A combination of the Ebola, rabies, or some other parasitic virus that keeps the host active while it continues to feed off him until a new host is found.
I don't know about a virus, but there are already a lot of (pretty horrifying) parasites that take control of the host to some extent or another.
Toxoplasma gondii shuts down a fear pathway in rats so they become attracted to cats. It also appears to alter human behavior already. Including making us more reckless and making men more violent.
My plan would be to find a location that could be fortified and lock it down as much as possible. Preferably somewhere with high ground to fire down from without being approachable so I could use a small rifle like a .22 (5000 rounds is like 300 bucks.) that it would be easy to carry large quantities of ammunition for. The idea would be to draw them out and thin the herd enough to make it safer to search for supplies. If I couldn't find a good place to hunker down I'd just drag supplies and ammo onto a roof and pull the ladder up after me.
I'd also avoid melee weapons until I was totally out of bullets. Unless you're in a Hazmat suit, you probably aren't going to know what's causing the zombies to be zombies, so spraying infected blood all over yourself on a regular basis probably isn't a recipe for survival. Even the less splashy weapons like crowbars and baseball bats would still cause a bit of spray. (Though not as much as a blade.)
I've read the guide twice. not sure if its real, but you never know when a new virus either man-mad or just from natural causes might suddenly spring up.
I'm well prepared and have come up with several "zombie plans" and some melee weapon.

is this normal?
What are the essentials to survive Zombieland?

Depends on whether zombies are edible or not. Are they? If not, growing mushrooms on their corpses could be a viable alternative.
I have a very similar plan to the other posters: 1) Get to the gun store (there is one less than a block from my house) and load up, 2) shoot my way to Walmart, 3) Seal entrances 4) Destroy all zombies inside, 5) Call/text friends who are not there yet and inform them of my position - reinforcements are important, 6) Board up weak spots, 7) Up to the roof and make help signs to signal the presence of survivors, 8) Manufacture makeshift explosives using the internet search feature on my phone providing the 'net is not gone yet, 9) Make a slingshot from store materials, 10) Bomb the shit out of zombies outside,

The way I see it though, the most important aspect of surviving the zombie apocalypse is to recognize that it is happening early enough to put this plan into effect. We must be vigilant.
I don't know about #5, Tak.

Q: What is more terrifying than a zombie?

A: A texting zombie!

haha :P
Speaking of zombies, what happened to the bodies that rose from the ground when Jesus died, according to Matthew? You'd think some historian would have recorded the occurence of an earthquake and zombie attack.
Haha and Jesus was, technically, a zombie. Darn, that's a creepy thought.
"Jesus was a zooooombie, just like meeee!"


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