The Zombie Survival Guide.

Right, this topic is posted under comedy. :)

I watched Zombieland with a theist friend. Discussing the movie afterwards, she said she cannot stand the idea of being on the run and would just let herself be gorged right smack on day one. I said, that is absolutely boring!

I know it isn't just me but a lot of you out there have considered the what if scenarios. So, what will you do - the first time you notice that something amiss is in the air? Where will you go? What are the essentials to survive Zombieland? Do you have your own Zombieland rules, if any.

Btw, the first zombie movie that I watched when I was a kid was Let Sleeping Corpses Lie, an Italian film. What was yours and your favorite zombie movie/s?

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My Tiny lil petite 17 yr old and my burly 11 yr old fantasize about the Zombie Apocalypse all the time! Lol
It would be a pump shotgun Hummer rundown real life vid game! Read World War Z, highly recommend it.
My first zombie film was the original Dawn of the Dead, which I thought was the ULTIMATE adventure. So I made it the first one my kids ever saw, starting with my daughter, and what do you know...I got two Zombie movie freaks! ;-)
We own all the ones shown above plus Lucio Fulci's other two, and UNDEAD, them Zombies! Specially when their heads go KA-BOOM!! Also check out VERSUS a Japanese zombie flick.




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