Hey y'all. I seem to remember tossing out the idea (to someone?) some time back about the possibility of there being an atheist or freethought church in the are, perhaps similar to the NTCOF. I vehemently opposed Tim Gorski on the idea way back because I was a new atheist and those two words seemed like mixing gasoline and fire to me. I've warmed to the idea a little and wouldn't mind seeing something like that in the area. Then again, how would/could that be any different from the AFS meetings? Can we have a choir? Alas, I doubt I can get there anyway because I'm over an hour away, we only have one car and the wife always works on weekends.

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Thanks for the question.

Well first, we don't call ourselves a "church." We are an "assembly." (Same thing without the baggage).

We plan on having a band, choir, youth and singles groups, you name it.
Very cool with the band, choir thing. I'll have to find a way to get there.
Well we will have several launch preparation meetings before we kick things off.
Excellent points. I would also love that kind of activism.
Yes Kate. This is the purpose we have chosen. It all stemmed from a talk I gave in Los Angeles. I asked, if we wake up in the morning and no one believed in god(s) anymore, what would we do? If we didn't have anything to bitch about any longer, what would we do?

Don't get me wrong. We still have a lot of things for which we must fight, and I will remain an outspoken atheist. However, when I need recharging, and when my family needs community, we need a place that will provide this for us.
Whether or not AIR is involved, I have been considering starting up an Atlanta sign campaign of some sort - billboard or bus, whatever.
Let's do it
I am excited about being apart of this group! We have so much we can do to make a difference
in our community!


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