People! People! We REALLY need more members! Please invite more of your friends to this group as 5 members is pretty paltry...

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Yay! Smoking is reatarded...especially when it comes to weed. I have never smoked and I never will. I'll be uncool, I'll live wiht it. I will not give into you, peer pressure! :P
2 suggestions:

The phrase "deepest darkest Africa" in your group description does not inspire confidence.

If the scope for inclusion is expanded from being an African atheist to all interested in atheism in Africa, you will get many more members.

We are from a very small rural , afrikaans, christian town and we feel isolated, because the first time we mentioned our "status" was also the last. Everybody started screaming and turned red in the face. HELP from like minded people please.

Volker and Elize Welge

actually, weed is not bad, a little indulgence every now and then is probably good




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