I don't have a tally, but these are the web sites I am aware of:


UHASSO: Uganda Humanist Association

And this is the place to go for an overview:

African Americans for Humanism

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Hey thanks for this! It shows that not all of us are crazy, corrupt people! (I could go on, but the list is too long) this is really useful! Just wish that there were more though...
how can i get involved in an atheist or otherwise secular organization in south africa, or alternatively how can i get involved in a political party where one can start raising such issues? i am also struggeling to decide for which party to vote, currently i am split between cope and the da, however cope is starting to be a bit quiet, while the da which proclaims to be the official opposition continue to raise its voice, however i am concerned with how much the da allies itself with churches and the almost holy throne they put helen zille on, not that i dislike her i love rotweilers, but is it just me or doesnt she seem that passionate anymore, anyways this is not about politics specifically, any other ideas of maybe groups and organizations that promote secularism or even hopefully atheism in other fields in south africa, and i am not talking about a online only orgs. i havent look at the websites already mentioned, so excuse my ignorance if that is a good place to start
Chris this is a difficult one. I have been a member of the Pan Afrincanist party for nearly 20 years. We still start every major meeting with a prayer!

I think that we should keep Atheism out of the politcal structures and rather work with them - all of them - we already have enough of a battle on our hands. Lets us leave politics out of it. You can join us irrespective of political affiliation. This should also apply to citizenship. You cna be a crimminal or an alchoholic, the only qualification to join us should be a doubt in the existance of God.

Here is what I think is a starting point: We should start to collect a small membership fee from each member and use the money to advance the cause.




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